Uster’s FiberQ and UQX Revolutionize Spinning Mills, Boosting Profitability and Sustainability

In a groundbreaking move for the textile industry, Uster Technologies has unveiled a game-changing solution that promises to redefine the way spinning mills operate. The combination of FiberQ, a unique raw material management system, and UQX for full in-mill process optimization has resulted in a remarkable waste reduction of 2% and an impressive 25% improvement in the IPI (Index of Processability) level.

This success story stems from Uster’s commitment to continuous improvement and optimization at every step of the spinning process. The results, as reported by mills implementing this innovative solution, are nothing short of transformative. The details of this achievement, along with other practical cases from satisfied customers, can be explored on the Uster website at

The practical proof behind this industry-shifting development lies in extensive trials and real-world mill experiences. Uster’s FiberQ has emerged as a pivotal player, ensuring consistent and optimal raw material input. Paired with UQX, which provides comprehensive in-mill process optimization, the dynamic duo has proven to be the winning combination for maximum profitability in spinning mills.

According to Fragkotsinos, a spokesperson for Uster Technologies, “Consistent and optimum input combined with reliable quality monitoring are the key factors for success. It is obvious that together FiberQ from 360Q and UQX can enable maximum profitability for spinning mills.”

This innovation not only promises financial gains for spinning mills but also contributes to sustainability efforts through waste reduction. By focusing on efficiency and quality monitoring, Uster is spearheading a new era of profitability and eco-conscious manufacturing in the textile industry.

As the global textile landscape continues to evolve, Uster’s FiberQ and UQX stand out as a beacon of progress, offering spinning mills a competitive edge in an ever-changing market. The success witnessed in waste reduction and improved IPI levels underscores the transformative impact of technology when harnessed for the betterment of industry practices. The future of spinning mills is undoubtedly being woven with the threads of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, and Uster Technologies is at the forefront of this exciting journey.

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