Vietnam-Based Manufacturers Introduce Traceable Wool Fibres with FibreTrace Technology

In a groundbreaking development for the textile industry, Vietnam-based manufacturers Fashion Enterprise and R&T Industry have successfully completed phase one of their innovative project to introduce traceable wool fibres. Collaborating with renowned organizations including Woolmark, Indorama, and Garment Assembly, these manufacturers are poised to revolutionize the supply chain with their adoption of FibreTrace technology.

Pioneering the initiative, Fashion Enterprise and R&T Industry undertook pilot 1, focusing on spinning, while pilot 2 is currently underway at the scourer. By early 2024, they plan to launch their traceable wool fibres solution in the market, providing unprecedented transparency and accountability.

The project’s partners played integral roles in achieving this significant milestone. Woolmark, a key supporter, sponsored the Indorama testing, facilitating the successful application of FibreTrace technology to the wool tops. Fashion Enterprise and R&T Industry, with their expertise in weaving and knitting processes, played vital roles in producing high-quality wool suiting fabric and fully fashioned knit yarns.

Indorama, entrusted with testing approximately 200 kilograms of Australian Merino wool fibre, reported promising results. Emboldened by this success, the commercial pilot will now involve 2.4 tons of Australian Merino wool fibre, exclusively dedicated to yarn production for knits.

With each phase progressing seamlessly, Fashion Enterprise and R&T Industry are on track to offer a comprehensive traceability solution for the entire supply chain, spanning from Australian scouring to China top making, top dying, yarn spinning, and garment knitting in Vietnam.

The anticipated timeline projects the completion of wool tops by early June 2023, followed by yarn production in August. Excitingly, several prominent clothing brands, including Cue, Veronika Maine, and Country Road, have already expressed keen interest in carrying these traceable wool products on their shelves.

To meet the growing demand, bulk production is scheduled to commence in October, ensuring availability in stores for the Winter 2024 season by February. This commitment to prompt delivery underscores Fashion Enterprise and R&T Industry’s dedication to providing customers with ethical and sustainable options.

Rodney Thanh, CEO of Fashion Enterprise and R&T Industry, expressed enthusiasm for the FibreTrace platform, stating, “Not only are we proud to be the first to offer this solution in Vietnam, but we are very excited to offer FibreTrace for both Australian Merino wool along with Good Earth Cotton regenerative cotton from Australia.”

As the textile industry continues to grapple with transparency and sustainability concerns, Fashion Enterprise and R&T Industry’s pioneering efforts mark a significant step toward a more accountable and ethical future. By harnessing FibreTrace technology, these manufacturers are setting a commendable precedent and inspiring positive change throughout the global textile supply chain.


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