Yoshida goes 100% bio-based for its Tanker bags

Tokyo-headquartered Toray Industries is working with Yoshida to jointly create materials for Tanker bags employing Ecodear N510, a 100% plant-based nylon fibre.

Yoshida’s Porter brand makes and sells bags under the flagship Tanker line which it inaugurated 40 years ago and which will now incorporate 100% biobased synthetic polymer content.

The outer fabric of the bags will incorporate Ecodear 510, which is manufactured by polymerizing and spinning sebacic acid from castor oil and pentamethylenediamine from corn.

Unlike other wholly plant-based nylons, Ecodear N510 has a high melting point and outstanding dimensional stability. It is as strong and heat-resistant as nylon 6 and since commercialising it in 2022, Toray has explored new applications for it.

The collaboration with Yoshida culminated in Toray mass-producing Ecodear 510 by employing the advanced spinning technology it has developed over the years. Yoshida adopted this material for the outer fabric of Porter’s Tanker because it meets the company’s strength and quality requirements.

For the lining, Porter has used Toray’s chemically-recycled nylon fibres derived from fishing nets and other sources.

The new Tanker series bags will be available at stores in Japan from next Spring.


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