3M and Svante To Create Products to Remove Carbon Dioxide

By collaborating with Svante Technologies, Inc. to create material that can trap atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and permanently remove it, 3M is extending its continued commitment to materials science-based climate innovation solutions.

“3M is devoted to promoting the development of a low-carbon economy. Our relationship with Svante to develop cutting-edge climate solutions is an exciting opportunity for us, says Ray Eby, president of 3M’s Personal Safety Division. “We are driven by a need to solve the world’s most pressing concerns. We are enthusiastic to take on the task of increasing the production and supply of carbon removal materials over the next decade and beyond to fulfil the global need for carbon removal materials, similar to how we tripled N95 respirator manufacturing during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have the confidence to scale these carbon-adsorbing technologies with the quickness required to tackle climate change because of our strong knowledge in filtration technology, large global R&D community, and unrelenting dedication to developing solutions that will transform the world. Recently, Svante’s Series E investment round, which raised $318 million to quicken the production of Svante’s carbon capture and removal technology, saw participation from 3M Ventures, the venture capital division of 3M.

Svante’s president and CEO, Claude Letourneau, adds that 3M is a wonderful addition to its network of top-notch strategic partners and investors. We will be helped in our attempts to capture millions of tonnes of CO2 from various sites across the world by 3M’s 120+ years of competence in producing materials science-based solutions at scale.

Svante has created a method for coating solid sorbents onto laminate sheets and stacking them into high-performance filters. These filters can be used for direct air capture as well as industrial point-source capture (from refineries, cement, steel, aluminium, pulp & paper factories, and hydrogen plants). Letourneau claims that 85% of the entire carbon capture and removal segment can be covered by Svante’s technology due to the diverse range of markets the company services.

According to Fabrice Moguet, senior vice president of research and development for 3M’s Safety and Industrial Business Group, “With 51 technology platforms across 3M, we’re innovating and creating new technology capabilities to meet the growing needs of the carbon capture and removal market.” “We’ll need to scale to thousands of people to meet Svante’s needs and help stop climate change,”

Over the coming years, we’ll be producing kilometres of technological material, and we’re eager to make our first goods in the United States for Svante’s DAC applications.

The development and production of products using parallel channel structured adsorbent technology for sale into the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) business is the main goal of the joint development agreement (JDA) between 3M and Svante.


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