Launch of Natura Non Woven by Acmemills for Flushable Wipes

The launch of Natura, an innovative range of flushable and compostable wipes, was announced by Acmemills, a producer of cutting-edge nonwoven fabrics.

Natura provides a sustainable solution that is consistent with Acmemills’ dedication to ethical manufacturing and was created to answer the expanding need for ecologically friendly personal hygiene products.

Acmemills has ordered new cutting-edge machinery to improve Natura’s production capacities in response to the urgent need to address the problems non-flushable wipes pose in municipal water systems. With the addition of hydroentangled lines that are 2.4 metres and 3.5 metres wide, Acmemills is prepared to handle the rising demand for flushable wipes while upholding the highest standards of quality.

By using only natural fibres made from pulp from sustainably grown bamboo, Natura distinguishes itself from the competition. Bamboo, known for its quick growth and low environmental impact, acts as the main fibre source for Natura manufacturing.

Recent laws passed in California and Europe have made the demand for flushable substitutes even more urgent. The purpose of these restrictions is to lessen the impact that plastic personal hygiene wipe disposal has on wastewater treatment facilities. By providing flushable wipes that are compatible with municipal water systems, Natura’s creative solution directly tackles these worries while easing the burden on infrastructure and lowering the possibility of environmental harm.

According to Matt Utley, CSO of Acmemills, “We are thrilled to introduce Natura as the ideal solution to the environmental challenges posed by non-flushable wipes.” “Our devotion to sustainable sourcing and our investment in cutting-edge technology show how committed we are to giving environmentally concerned customers a trustworthy and ethical option.

Natura not only provides a viable option, but also advances environmental sustainability.

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