A Blend of Industry and Education: interaction with Mr. Rajanna Gotipamul

About DKTE: –

DKTE was established in 1982. DKTE’s is a Textile and Engineering Institute situated in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra. DKTE is the first private Engineering Institutes in Maharashtra. DKTE has three diploma courses and twelve undergraduate courses, out of which five of them are diploma courses and seven are engineering courses. They have Post – Graduate and Doctorate programs in Engineering and Textiles and Management studies program as well

About Rajanna Gotipamul, Assistant Professor of Technical Textile at DKTE:

Rajanna Gotipamul is the professor of Technical Textile at DKTE since 2010. He has published 45 National and 11 International journal articles. He has presented 10 National and 3 International papers. He has also received awards, one of them being the “Dr. Triguna Charan Sen Prize” which was given to him for the best technical paper entitled in the year 2006.

What are the recent developments at your Center of Excellence (COE)?

At our Centre of Excellence (COE), we have done sample production of technical textile, Geo-textile, especially polymers, water-proof barriers, coated polymers, etc.

Can you tell us about your RnD programs that are going on currently?

As we are into nonwovens, we provide training to personnel. We also provide sample production, consultation, testing, production, training. We have labs where testing is done.

Do you have any collaborations with institutes that teach textile technology? How can the students benefit from your COE?

We already have a collaboration with the DKTE education center. DKTE courses have subjects right from diploma to postgraduate level. We believe that students are the stakeholders of the course and institution. That’s why, in DKTE, 50% of subjects in the diploma are textile or related to textile. Also, students are sent to 1-month training at the center of excellence (COE) where they are shown samples and accordingly, training is implanted to the students. Students also gain benefits from the projects

What is the status of technical textiles in terms of manufacturing in India and how is our standing in exports?

Technical textile is like a rising sun in India. India is growing in the sector of manufacturing and supplying. Apart from this, the awareness about the industry is increasing. The Indian textile is more than 25%. The net worth of the Indian Textile market is Rs. 2 lakh crore. So, the slightest change in the market may affect the market size as well as the Indian textile. This itself is a good opportunity for the shareholders.

Do you have any initiatives for entrepreneurs, skill development and training?

The technical textile products are special and contribute to the textile industry. We may make plans for the same in future.

Tell us about your collaborations with other institutions in Technical Textiles…

We have collaborations with some private technical textile institutions such as – St Gobains. We also have tie-ups with foreign universities. Through the training programs, students are sent to international training programs via student exchange programmes to institutions in Germany.

Tell us about the market for technical textile, what are the current trends going on?

The trends are growing. Currently, India’s growth in domestic and international level is 20%. With this, the Indian market has become a good opportunity for Technical textile. Investment will be the main factor here. A point to be noted is that Pack-tech is the leading sector in the technical textile with over 40% contribution to the industry followed by Geo-Tech (which is a compulsory material; to be used for construction)

How has the market changed after the pandemic?

During the pandemic, Recession was there. After the COVID-19 period, the market changed.








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