WRA: Growing opportunities in sportswear

About Wool Research Association

In addition to achieving the overarching objectives of scientific and technology breakthroughs defined by the industry leaders and policy makers in India, WRA is committed to provide technological and scientific solutions to the woolen sector in particular and the textiles industry in general. As part of this effort, the organization has established its own standards to be recognised internationally as an R&D institution and to address a variety of technical and techno-economic problems encountered by the industry quickly and at a very low cost. The Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, recently named WRA as a Center of Excellence for Sportech.

About K.K. Misra, Director and C.O.O of Wool Research Association

Shri K K Misra is the Director (Officiating) & C.O.O of Wool Research Association

What are the recent developments at your Center of Excellence?

We have developed certain nonwovens that are suitable for wearing luminous sportswear

Can you tell us about RnD Programmes that are going on?

The government scheme has been shut down on 31st March. We have completed certain projects and we have 9 more projects to be completed by June. For this, we have tenders and meetings filed. The projects are mainly for central development and campaign for the government. The projects are assigned to our team.

Do you have any programs/ collaborations with institutes that teach textile technology? and How can the students benefit from your COE?

We have 7 collaborations with national and international institutions such as Manchester 1824, Sports Authority of India, SG MEA, RMIT University, Deakin Worldly, Technicka Univerzita V Liberci, and Istanbul Tekinik Universitesi. This will benefit the students in a big way. They will benefit to the extent that they will be able to apply the applications and do the product management.

‚óŹ What is the status of technical textile in India in terms of manufacturing and how is our standing in exports?

The Indian technical textile industry has got to go big miles ahead. There is awareness among the shareholders and the segments. The technical textile industry has to go off today.

Do you have any initiatives for entrepreneurs such as skill development and training?

We have initiatives for plant innovation. If we want to develop/set-up a plant, they just need to give us the raw material. They need not buy land or machines separately. We help the entrepreneurs with machines till they are capable enough to stand alone in the market.

Tell us about your collaborations with startups in technical textile?

There are 7-9 collaborations with startups which are regular with us. They are collaborating with us regarding different products.

Tell us about the market for technical textile, what are the trends going on?

trends going up, a lot to be done. In sportswear, India has a very minimal share in the sportswear market. Standards of progress, Almost everywhere

How has the market changed after the pandemic?

Similar things which are going on should go ahead. India has got miles ahead to go.














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