AAG Commits to Decarbonization Program Addresses Challenge for Brands

Embedding environmental impact management within its operations, 

AAG commits to a long-term industry-wide focus on a decarbonized future

Active Apparel Group (AAG), a manufacturer of swimwear and activewear, has committed to a systematic approach in lowering its environmental effect across all of its global activities by using an Environmental Management System (EMS). Constructed utilising the ISO14001 Standard Framework, the EMS integrates significant environmental policy pledges.

Through a third-party audit of its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), AAG has identified the following areas of focus to reduce impacts:

  • Reduction in Scope 1 energy use
  • Reduction in air freight
  • Reduction in water usage across the business
  • Ongoing collection and management of production waste
  • Increased use of sustainable materials
  • Continued collection of GHG data for ongoing improvement

The CEO of AAG, Daniel Hawker, stated, “AAG has set time-bound and measurable goals in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.” “We are aware that the supply chain accounts for the majority of emissions from the apparel sector. We assume this obligation as manufacturers because we wish to help our customers understand and control their own Scope 3 emissions.

In order to decrease environmental impact, AAG’s EMS is intended to be integrated into company operations, with functional ownership of goals set and team education given first priority. The Board of Directors of the corporation receives and reviews quarterly reports detailing its progress. The business website has the Environmental Policy.

The EMS is a component of AAG’s ongoing Responsible Business Strategy, which is an internal business initiative aimed at promoting constant development in the domains of governance, social impact, and environmental impact. Additional initiatives include the Bureau Veritas Living Wage Audit (for which AAG pays 100% Living Wage)

About Active Apparel Group:

Active Apparel Group (AAG) offers strategic end-to-end solutions in the sourcing, development, production, and distribution of apparel products. Known for impeccable craftsmanship, AAG customers receive the benefit of over 35 years of deep technical expertise in performance textile development, garment engineering, design, and manufacturing. With a comprehensive network that reaches from Asia to Europe, AAG sources fabric from some of the world’s leading textile suppliers.

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