Ahlstrom Introduces Environmentally Conscious Release Papers for Sustainable Adhesive Tapes

Ahlstrom, a leading global manufacturer of fiber-based materials, has recently expanded its range of release papers to include innovative products that promote the development of more sustainable double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes. The company’s latest offerings, Acti-V Industrial RF Brown and Acti-V Industrial RF Natural, incorporate post-consumer recycled fibers and unbleached cellulose fibers, providing environmentally conscious options for tape producers.

Double-sided PSA tapes are widely used in various everyday applications, serving as hidden components that join different materials with strength, durability, and versatility. These tapes not only fulfill a sustainable function by replacing heavier and more impactful elements but can also be manufactured using increasingly sustainable materials.

Ahlstrom’s new products are an extension of its Acti-V Industrial dedicated range of high-performance release liners. They offer novel alternatives to support environmentally conscious tape producers, thanks to the utilization of post-consumer recycled fibers and unbleached cellulose fibers. Acti-V Industrial RF Brown is a supercalendered release paper that incorporates 30 percent post-consumer recycled fiber, featuring the characteristic brown color commonly used in double-sided adhesive tape liners. Acti-V Industrial RF Natural, on the other hand, is a supercalendered release paper with a natural kraft color. It combines at least 15 percent post-consumer recycled cellulose fiber with unbleached cellulose fibers, providing an eco-friendly option for manufacturers.

By replacing a portion of virgin fibers with post-consumer recycled fibers, both products contribute to improved circularity. Moreover, the Acti-V Industrial RF Natural eliminates the use of any dye and, based on Ahlstrom’s estimates, could reduce the overall carbon footprint of the tape by 17 to 20 percent compared to standard Acti-V Industrial liners. This breakthrough product plays a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of PSA tapes.

Designed specifically for double-side silicone coating, the new products maintain the exceptional performance delivered by Ahlstrom’s proprietary Acti-V technology. This technology enables a highly efficient silicone coating and converting process, offering potential reductions in energy consumption, catalysts, and silicone usage.

Ahlstrom, with manufacturing operations in Europe and the Americas, is known for its expertise in fiber-based materials and its pioneering technologies, such as Acti-V and trulyNatural. Leveraging its experience in the use of post-consumer recycled fibers, the company is committed to developing increasingly sustainable products in collaboration with the specialty tape industry and other technically demanding sectors worldwide.

As the demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow, Ahlstrom’s latest range of release papers sets a new benchmark for environmentally conscious adhesive tape production. By incorporating post-consumer recycled fibers and unbleached cellulose fibers, Ahlstrom is making significant strides towards a more sustainable future for the industry, while maintaining the high-performance standards required by its customers.


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