Salomon Unveils Revolutionary Highpath Snowboard, Redefining Sustainable Riding Experience

In an extraordinary leap towards a greener future for snowboarding enthusiasts, Salomon, the renowned outdoor sports equipment brand, has unveiled its latest triumph: the Highpath snowboard. Developed in collaboration with Sicomin, the leading French formulator and supplier of high-performance epoxy resins, the Highpath sets an unprecedented standard in sustainable snowboard production while delivering uncompromising performance.

At the heart of this groundbreaking snowboard lies Sicomin’s bio-based GreenPoxy 28 epoxy resin, propelling Salomon’s pursuit of eco-friendly excellence. Demonstrating their commitment to reducing environmental impact, Salomon has meticulously chosen a distinctive array of bio-based and recycled materials that compose the Highpath. The snowboard boasts an impressive 28% carbon content sourced from plants, including a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified core, bamboo veneers, and a topsheet derived from castor beans. Furthermore, the base incorporates 50% recycled content, while the edges utilize 20% recycled aluminum. All these elements are masterfully consolidated by the remarkable GreenPoxy 28 resin.

The introduction of these bio-based epoxy resins into snowboard manufacturing not only significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with production but also guarantees exceptional mechanical properties, ensuring top-tier performance for riders of all skill levels. It is worth mentioning that GreenPoxy resins have also been implemented in other Salomon snowboards, such as the Assasin and Assasin Pro, Huck Knife and Huck Knife Pro, Rumble Fish, Abstract, Rumble, Super 8, Bellevue, Wonder, and Dancehaul Pro boards.

“The Highpath represents the pinnacle of our endeavors to design a high-performance, all-mountain snowboard that leads the way toward a more sustainable ride,” said Thierry Marion, product manager at Salomon. “Sicomin’s GreenPoxy resins have been instrumental in creating our most environmentally friendly all-terrain board without compromising on quality or rideability.”

Matthieu Chaloin, export sales technician at Sicomin, added, “Our bio-based epoxy resins enable the production of high-performance, environmentally friendly snowboards that resonate with today’s eco-conscious consumers. This collaboration with Salomon underscores our shared commitment to sustainable innovation and paves the way for a brighter, greener future for snowboarding.”

The Salomon Highpath snowboard is not only a triumph of engineering but also a testament to the potential for harmonizing high-performance sports equipment with environmental responsibility. As Salomon and Sicomin forge ahead, their partnership promises continued advancements in sustainable snowboard production, ultimately providing riders with exhilarating experiences while treading more lightly on our planet.

Prepare to embark on a thrilling ride as Salomon’s Highpath revolutionizes the snowboarding industry, where performance meets sustainability, and adrenaline intertwines with eco-consciousness. With each glide down the slopes, riders can now make a lasting impact while leaving only tracks of exhilaration in their wake.


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