Ahlstrom Launches High-Performance Filter Media Range for HVAC

Ahlstrom has launched a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) filter media portfolio from its brand-new production machine in Turin, Italy, supporting its customers in their ambition to offer best performing and premium quality filters to the most demanding end-uses. Uniqueness of Ahlstrom’s offering comes from state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies which deliver best reliability in performance as well as lower environmental impact.

The awareness and importance of indoor air quality has significantly grown over the years. Today, people are spending over 90% of their days inside buildings, making it even more critical to have an efficient filtration system to purify air and remove contaminants. To reduce environmental impact, another major target is to develop filtration materials that extend the lifetime and reduce the energy consumption of filter elements used.

Ahlstrom has used its long experience and extensive competences to develop the complete range of filtration materials which are protecting people and equipment in closed environments. The product range covers today options from ISO Coarse 85% to ISO ePM1 80% rating (ISO16890:2016) in a standard version and in a high permeability version for most challenging requirements. All products have limited flow restriction and extended dust holding capacity with excellent consistency.

“The need for high quality HVAC filter media for demanding end-uses is growing as people have become increasingly aware of the impact of good air quality to their health. Our new offering guarantees reliability and protection, and it contributes to lower environmental impact through longer filter life and lower energy consumption, in alignment with our purpose to Purify and Protect with Every Fiber for a Sustainable World,” says Tamara Quatrano, VP R&D and Product Development Filtration.

This new range of products can be seen at upcoming Filtech exhibition in Cologne, Germany, from February 14-16, 2023.


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