Aluula Composites and Incidence Sails Revolutionize Sailmaking with Aluula Durlyte Composite Material

Aluula Composites, a pioneering advanced materials technology firm, has joined forces with Incidence Sails, a renowned leader in performance sail design, to introduce a groundbreaking composite material for sailmaking. The result of their collaboration is Aluula Durlyte, an ultra-light and incredibly strong composite material that is poised to transform the world of sailing.

Aluula Durlyte represents a significant advancement in sailmaking, boasting 10 times the abrasion resistance of competing materials. This exceptional durability allows for critical sail reinforcements, such as batten pockets, bolt ropes, and high-wear points like stanchions and spreaders, to withstand extreme conditions and deliver superior performance. Additionally, Aluula Durlyte’s remarkably low friction surface further enhances sail design and functionality.

Incidence Sails, known for their commitment to innovation and performance, has taken the lead in commercializing Aluula Durlyte. After rigorous testing both on and off the water for a span of two years, they have incorporated this revolutionary material into high-performance sails for skipper Paul Meilhat’s IMOCA Biotherm race boat, set to compete in The Ocean Race, one of sailing’s most demanding round-the-world racing challenges. Initial applications of Aluula Durlyte have surpassed expectations in extreme conditions, with a deck sweeper and critical reinforcements showcasing the material’s exceptional capabilities.

Beyond its exceptional performance, Aluula Durlyte is a significant step toward creating a more sustainable future for sailmaking. As an inherently recycle-ready material, it aligns with the shared vision of both Aluula Composites and Incidence Sails to promote environmentally friendly practices in the industry. By utilizing Aluula Durlyte, sailmakers can contribute to reducing waste and minimizing their ecological footprint.

The manufacturing process behind Aluula Durlyte involves Aluula Composites’ patented fusion technology, which bonds technical films to a UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) core. This innovation enables the production of high-performance composite fabrics with unparalleled strength and versatility. The fusion process empowers Aluula Composites to offer a wide range of iterations to meet the diverse requirements of various applications, making it a true process-based solution rather than just a single product.

Vincent Maris, Incidence Technologies’ R&D manager, emphasizes the significance of Aluula Durlyte in optimizing sail design, stating, “With a material like Durlyte, our floor crews can make reinforcements at the chafe points with very high abrasion resistance without weighing down the sail or altering its behavior.” The lightweight nature and exceptional durability of Aluula Durlyte provide sailmakers with the flexibility to enhance performance without compromising on strength or adding unnecessary weight.

Dave Westwood, Aluula Composites’ director of partner innovation and design, notes, “Given the astounding performance impact Aluula has had on kiteboarding and wingfoiling, sailing is a natural next step.” Aluula Composites has already made waves in the kiteboarding and wingfoiling industries with its innovative materials, and now it aims to revolutionize the world of sailing with Aluula Durlyte. By offering extreme abrasion, tear, and UV resistance, coupled with zero water absorption, Aluula Durlyte presents an attractive choice for sail brands like Incidence Sails, enabling them to reduce sail weight while significantly improving durability.





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