Freudenberg Launches Evolon Ultra Smooth for Technical Industry Packaging Solutions

Germany-based Freudenberg Performance Materials, a leading global supplier of innovative textile solutions, has introduced its latest product innovation, Evolon Ultra Smooth, catering to the specific packaging needs of the technical industries. Designed to be converted into reusable textile containers, Evolon Ultra Smooth offers premium surface protection and enhanced mechanical properties for a wide range of industrial parts and components.

Evolon Ultra Smooth fabrics are characterized by their exceptional properties, including low linting, high strength, and durability. These materials are specifically engineered to meet the requirements of industrial parts and components that demand low-friction, sliding behavior during packing and handling procedures. Additionally, they exhibit excellent hydrophobic properties and are available in various weights, providing versatility in application.

The reusable textile containers made from Evolon Ultra Smooth are ideal for packing and transporting heavy and sensitive parts without incurring damage. The distinctive point-sealed patterned white surface of Evolon Ultra Smooth sets it apart from standard Evolon packaging textiles, allowing for easy identification and differentiation.

One of the key advantages of Evolon Ultra Smooth is its ability to protect the surfaces of industrial and automotive parts, effectively preventing micro-scratches and lint contamination. By utilizing Evolon Ultra Smooth reusable packaging for the transportation of parts with highly sensitive surfaces, customers can significantly reduce the number of damaged parts and the reject rate, resulting in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

A notable aspect of Evolon Ultra Smooth is its global availability. Manufactured entirely in Europe, this ensures that European customers can benefit from enhanced supply chain flexibility and expedited go-to-market timelines.

The introduction of Evolon Ultra Smooth further strengthens Freudenberg’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the technical industry. By leveraging their expertise in textile materials, Freudenberg continues to provide innovative packaging solutions that combine superior performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.


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