Aluula Composites and Incidence Sails Unleash a Sailmaking Revolution with Ultra-Light and Recyclable Materials

Brace yourselves, sailors! Aluula Composites and Incidence Sails have just unveiled the future of sailmaking, and it’s nothing short of extraordinary. This groundbreaking partnership has shattered the boundaries of traditional materials by introducing cutting-edge composite technology that promises sails like you’ve never seen before – stronger, lighter, and ready to save our seas.

In a quest to redefine sail design and performance, the dynamic duo embarked on two years of relentless testing, both on and off the water. The result? Incidence Sails becomes the trailblazing pioneer to commercialize Aluula Durlyte, an innovative composite material specifically engineered for critical sail reinforcements. Think batten pockets, bolt ropes, stanchions, spreaders, decksweepers, and sail bags – all infused with the power of Durlyte.

Hold on tight as we embark on the maiden voyage of Durlyte sails aboard the awe-inspiring IMOCA Biotherm race boat during The Ocean Race, a grueling round-the-world challenge that pushes sailors and equipment to their limits. Withstanding the relentless force of open ocean conditions, Biotherm and its fearless crew have been tearing through the waves at a staggering 25-30 knots (55 km/hr). Equipped with Durlyte’s unmatched strength and low friction surface, the results have left even the most seasoned sailors in awe.

“Aluula has revolutionized kiteboarding and wingfoiling, and now it’s time for sailing to experience its jaw-dropping performance,” exclaimed Dave Westwood, the visionary Director of Partner Innovation and Design at Aluula Composites. “Durlyte’s unrivaled abrasion and tear resistance, along with zero water absorption and UV protection, make it the perfect choice for Incidence Sails. We’re reducing the weight of sails while significantly boosting durability.”

Prepare to be amazed as Aluula Durlyte infiltrates Incidence Sails’ lineup, marking a historic moment in sailmaking. This revolutionary integration grants sail designers and manufacturers an unprecedented tool to create sails that defy limits, harnessing speed, efficiency, and a newfound environmental consciousness. The recyclable nature of Durlyte not only minimizes waste but also paves the way for sustainable practices in an industry longing for a greener future.

A new era in sailing has arrived, my friends. Aluula Composites and Incidence Sails have redefined the game with Durlyte sails that combine performance, durability, and sustainability into a magnificent trinity. As these game-changing sails continue to conquer the most extreme conditions, sailors worldwide eagerly anticipate the transformative impact on their daring seafaring adventures.

So, hoist your sails, embrace the wind, and let Aluula’s innovation carry you toward a thrilling, environmentally conscious future. The revolution is here, and it’s time to embark on a new standard for sailing like never before!

About Aluula Composites: Aluula Composites is at the forefront of advanced materials technology, renowned for revolutionizing various water sports with their groundbreaking composite materials. Now, they are conquering the sailing world with Aluula Durlyte, pushing boundaries and opening doors to a new era of sailmaking.

About Incidence Sails: Incidence Sails, a distinguished French sailmaker, combines craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to produce world-class sails. Their collaboration with Aluula Composites represents a significant milestone in the industry, as they integrate Durlyte into their offerings and lead the charge toward a sustainable and high-performance .



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