Tajima Software Solutions Partners with Coloreel to Revolutionize Embroidery Design

Stockholm, Sweden – In a groundbreaking move, Tajima Software Solutions, a leading provider of embroidery design software, has joined forces with Coloreel, a pioneer in textile thread colouring technology. This collaboration brings forth an integration of Coloreel’s innovative colouring system into Tajima’s flagship DG16 software, marking a significant milestone in the embroidery industry. The seamless incorporation of Coloreel’s technology into Tajima’s software streamlines the design creation process, enhances creativity, and offers unparalleled ease and precision for embroidery enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The integration of Coloreel’s colouring system within Tajima’s DG16 embroidery design software presents a game-changing development for designers. This breakthrough allows users to assign Coloreel colours and effects directly within the design creation process, eliminating the need for a separate program to specify colours for the Coloreel unit. This not only expedites design creation but also simplifies modifications to existing designs, reducing the risk of mixing up stitching and colouring files. Designers can now work seamlessly with stitch and colour data residing within a single file.

One of the notable advantages of this collaboration is the convenience it offers in creating multi-thread embroideries. By combining Coloreel thread with traditional pre-coloured embroidery threads, designers can unleash their creativity and produce captivating designs with vibrant and varied colours. The comprehensive software program facilitates seamless coordination of threads, empowering designers to effortlessly create stunning multi-coloured embroideries.

Coloreel’s technology revolutionizes the dyeing process by enabling high-quality, instant dyeing of textile threads during embroidery production. Leveraging advanced high-speed drive technology, a single needle can achieve what previously required multiple needles, while maintaining consistent stitch quality. By dyeing a recycled white thread in real-time, the Coloreel system unlocks limitless possibilities for creating unique decorations and embroideries without any restrictions.

The integration with Coloreel empowers designers to execute rapid colour changes along the thread, whether transitioning from one solid colour to another or creating gradual shifts. This flexibility brings designers’ imaginative concepts to life, adding depth, texture, and visual interest to their embroidery projects.

Mattias Nordin, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Business Development at Coloreel, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to offer our customers a more efficient and convenient way to create high-quality embroidered designs. The integration of Coloreel into Tajima Software Solutions’ DG16 software will undoubtedly enhance the creativity and productivity of our valued customers, allowing them to take their embroidery designs to new heights.”

The partnership between Tajima Software Solutions and Coloreel represents a remarkable advancement in the embroidery industry. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into the design workflow, this collaboration empowers designers to create captivating embroideries with unparalleled ease and precision. As the industry embraces this integrated solution, embroidery enthusiasts and professionals can look forward to an era of enhanced creativity, productivity, and endless possibilities in the world of textile decoration.

About Tajima Software Solutions: Tajima Software Solutions is a renowned provider of embroidery design software dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to empower embroidery enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. With a strong focus on technological advancements and user-centric design, Tajima Software Solutions continues to revolutionize the embroidery industry.

About Coloreel: Coloreel is a pioneer in textile thread colouring technology. Its groundbreaking Coloreel unit enables high-quality, instant dyeing of thread during embroidery production, unleashing limitless creative possibilities for designers. Coloreel is dedicated to transforming the textile industry with itsinnovative and sustainable approach to colouring threads.


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