Ambic, Fujicor Come Together to Join Forces

Ambic Corporation and Fujicor, Inc., two subsidiaries of Nikke, a Japanese textile company, have merged, effective Devember 1, creating a new company, F&A Nonwovens. Both companies were integrated manufacturers of nonwoven fabrics and felts supplying products to a wide range of fields including environmental, automotive and office automation. Integrating the two businesses is expected to achieve efficiency and concentrate of the management resources of both companies amidst the recent drastic changes in the business environment.This will improve the companies’ competitiveness both domestically and internationally.

Since this business integration is a reorganization between wholly owned subsidiaries of the company, the change resulted in no allotment of shares or other cash or assets. Currently, the company produces about 7000 tons of nonwovens per year from recycled fiber but plans are underway to add 3600 tons per year by March 2025. This will primarily target acoustics applications for automotives.

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