LG, Unicharm Use Solar Energy to Make Diapers, Pads

Japanese hygiene product maker Unicharm and South Korea’s consumer goods company LG Household & Health Care have partnered to build a solar power generation facility with an annual capacity of 348-megawatt electricity. The joint venture “LG Unicharm” uses solar energy to produce sanitary pads and diaper.

LG Household & Health Care announced that that the two companies completed the construction of the solar facility on the rooftop of its plant in Gumi, Korea some 202 kilometers (126 miles) southeast of Seoul. The South Korean company anticipates an annual reduction of approximately 163 tons of carbon emissions. LG Unicharm will install an additional solar power facility starting in January 2024. The joint venture is supplying electricity generated from the new solar facility to the production equipment for sanitary pads and diapers. South Korea has focused on turning various infrastructures into eco-friendly power generation venues to make the country greener and save space. In January 2021, a solar power plant was also built on Olympic-daero, an eight-lane expressway that interconnects southern districts in Seoul. The capital city has offered subsidies to support building and house owners who wish to install solar power panels on the rooftops and walls.

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