Andritz, Pellenc ST, and Nouvelles Fibres Textiles Unveil Revolutionary Textile Sorting Line in France

In a groundbreaking collaboration, global technology leader Andritz, recycling innovator Pellenc ST, and textile expert Nouvelles Fibres Textiles have joined forces to launch an industrial-scale automatic textile sorting line in Amplepuis, France. This cutting-edge facility combines state-of-the-art automated sorting and recycling technologies, marking a significant milestone in the textile industry’s efforts to revolutionize recycling practices.

The new sorting line, specifically designed for research and development activities, is the result of a collective reflection by these three key players in the textile industry. Aligned with the sector’s specific needs, the line is tailored to the textile value chain, integrating upstream sorting solutions and offering an optimal configuration, including the removal of non-textile parts.

One of the standout features of this advanced sorting line is its ability to sort complete garments based on their composition and color, achieving maximum purity through precise and fully customized settings. This adaptability meets the requirements of both the post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste markets. Additionally, the line’s flexibility offers a solution for nonwovens and spinning manufacturers, providing them with the highest quality fibers perfectly suited for the yarn industry, nonwoven forming, bonding processes, and more.

A key aspect of the sorting line is its ability to ensure traceability throughout the entire supply chain, from the collection of textiles to the production of new recycled fibers. This crucial feature supports textile industry stakeholders in their commitment to circularity and valorization, helping them achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program targets.

Andritz, serving as the integrator in this partnership, plays a crucial role in project management, successfully completing the line’s implementation within an impressive timeframe of less than a year. As a unifying force, Andritz connects all stakeholders in the textile value chain, offering local services and providing accessible solutions.

The launch of this project signifies a remarkable leap forward in the textile industry’s quest to revolutionize recycling practices. By harnessing the expertise of all project partners, Andritz once again demonstrates its potential to reshape the recycling industry, paving the way for new opportunities throughout the entire value chain. Moreover, this initiative underscores the partners’ commitment to staying ahead of environmental and governmental requirements that are anticipated to be enforced in the near future.

The industrial-scale automatic textile sorting line in Amplepuis, France, stands as a shining example of the power of collaboration and innovation within the textile industry. This facility not only propels recycling efforts to new heights but also contributes significantly to achieving sustainability goals while meeting the evolving demands of the sector. As the textile industry continues its journey towards a circular and environmentally conscious future, this partnership sets the stage for transformative change on a global scale.


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