COLOURizd and Archroma Collaborate to Revolutionize Sustainable Textile Dyeing

In a groundbreaking partnership, COLOURizd, a pioneer in sustainable textile dyeing technologies, has joined forces with Archroma, a leading provider of specialty chemicals for the textile industry. This collaboration aims to empower fabric mills and brands to embrace sustainable practices by combining Archroma’s pigment coloration solutions with COLOURizd’s QuantumCOLOUR yarn dye injection technology.

Traditional methods of dyeing cellulosic and synthetic yarns have long been resource-intensive processes, consuming significant amounts of water and generating harmful wastewater. However, the innovative QuantumCOLOUR process developed by COLOURizd represents a remarkable breakthrough. It injects pigment and a binder directly into the yarn, utilizing a mere 0.95 liters of water per kilogram of colored yarn and producing zero effluent. This revolutionary approach results in an extraordinary 98% reduction in water consumption, eliminates wastewater discharge entirely, avoids the release of harmful chemicals, slashes carbon emissions by 73%, and cuts energy usage by 50%.

By joining forces with Archroma, textile manufacturers and apparel brands gain access to a range of tailored system solutions that enhance the QuantumCOLOUR process. Notably, one such solution is the Just Color system, an environmentally friendly pigment coloration system developed by Archroma. Just Color utilizes Archroma’s cutting-edge Printofix┬« pigment dispersions and Helizarin┬« binders to produce remarkably soft fabrics with outstanding color fastness, durability, and quality. Furthermore, this system enables significant energy and chemical savings, as well as higher productivity.

Joaquin Femat, the director of the printing market segment at Archroma Textile Effects, expressed the company’s commitment to advancing the fashion and textile industry with sustainable solutions. Femat stated, “As the preferred supplier of pigment coloration solutions for QuantumCOLOUR, we are proud to join COLOURizd in challenging industry conventions to improve textiles and fashion production.”

The collaboration between COLOURizd and Archroma marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable textile dyeing practices. By combining their expertise and technologies, the two companies aim to revolutionize the industry and inspire others to adopt eco-friendly methods that not only preserve precious resources but also enhance the quality and durability of fabrics.

With concerns about environmental impact and sustainability increasingly at the forefront of consumers’ minds, this partnership could have far-reaching implications. As textile manufacturers and apparel brands adopt the QuantumCOLOUR process and Archroma’s Just Color system, they not only demonstrate their commitment to a greener future but also gain a competitive edge by meeting the growing demand for sustainable and high-quality textiles.

As the fashion and textile industry continues to evolve, collaborations like this provide hope for a more sustainable and responsible future, where creativity and innovation coexist with environmental consciousness. COLOURizd and Archroma are leading the way, encouraging other industry players to rethink traditional practices and embrace sustainable solutions that benefit both the planet and the consumer.


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