Autoneum Revolutionizes Vehicle Noise Reduction with Ultra-Silent Tune Technology!

In a world where noise pollution has become an incessant companion, Autoneum, the leading provider of innovative acoustic and thermal management solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking breakthrough. Prepare to be captivated by the incredible Ultra-Silent Tune technology, set to transform the way we experience driving forever!

With ever stricter legal noise limits for vehicles and the unstoppable rise of electric mobility, the demand for exceptional acoustic performance has reached unprecedented heights. Autoneum has risen to the challenge, unleashing a new era of automotive quietude that will leave drivers and passengers awestruck.

The Ultra-Silent Tune technology harnesses the power of chamber resonators, ingeniously engineered to tackle the external noise emanating from tire rolling. Gone are the days of intrusive vibrations and deafening disturbances while cruising the open road. Autoneum’s masterpiece ensures that tranquility reigns, providing an unparalleled driving experience within the serene confines of your vehicle.

How does this sorcery of silence work, you may ask? By applying an embossed polyester foil to the side of the Ultra-Silent underbody shield facing away from the noise source, Autoneum has created a symphony of sound absorption. The innovative acoustic chambers, designed in a myriad of shapes and sizes, deftly capture the sound waves emitted by your vehicle’s tires. These sonic maestros then modulate the waves with their unique geometries, only to gracefully reflect them back onto the porous carrier material.

Forget the limitations of conventional single-layer underbody shields! Autoneum’s Ultra-Silent Tune technology has revolutionized the game by exploiting both sides of the component, maximizing acoustic absorption like never before. The result? A breathtaking reduction of exterior tire rolling noise by a remarkable 0.5 to 1 decibel. Brace yourself for a tranquil ride, undisturbed by the clamor of the outside world.

But there’s more to this technological symphony than meets the eye. Autoneum understands the pressing need for sustainable solutions in the modern era. That’s why the Ultra-Silent Tune underbody shields not only incorporate a high proportion of recycled PET fibers but can also be manufactured from 100% polyester. It’s a testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship, ensuring that these shields can be fully recycled at the end of a vehicle’s life.

Autoneum’s dedication to excellence doesn’t stop there. Recognizing the diverse needs of different vehicle models, the thickness of the multilayer construction can be flexibly adapted to fit any packaging space. No matter the shape or size of your vehicle, Autoneum has tailored this innovation to seamlessly integrate into the heart of your automobile.

Excitement is already reaching fever pitch, as Ultra-Silent Tune underbody shields are currently making waves in pre-development stages at various prestigious vehicle manufacturers across Europe. Soon, drivers will revel in the harmonious silence offered by this transformative technology.

Get ready to embark on a journey where silence reigns supreme, as Autoneum’s Ultra-Silent Tune technology redefines the art of automotive acoustics. Embrace the symphony of serenity and immerse yourself in the unrivaled comfort of a noise-free ride. Autoneum has unleashed a revolution, and the world will never be the same again!


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