Autoneum Unveils Groundbreaking Zeta-Light Technology, Revolutionizing Acoustic Performance in Cars

In a remarkable leap forward for the automotive industry, Autoneum has introduced Zeta-Light, an extraordinary integrated damping function that promises to transform the acoustic performance of fibre-based trim components. This groundbreaking innovation not only delivers unparalleled insulation and airborne noise absorption but also combats low-frequency vibrations in the car body, regardless of temperature. By enhancing the acoustic comfort of vehicle occupants, Zeta-Light represents a monumental stride towards quieter and more enjoyable driving experiences.

Recognizing the importance of components that effectively mitigate both airborne and structure-borne noise within vehicle interiors, car manufacturers have long sought cutting-edge solutions. Autoneum’s Zeta-Light ingeniously meets these demands, offering a unique amalgamation of benefits. The integration of particle dampers seamlessly complements the sound-insulating and absorbing qualities of fibre-based, lightweight, and sustainable technologies like Hybrid-Acoustics ECO+ and Prime-Light, effectively countering low-frequency vibrations in the vehicle body.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Zeta-Light is its ability to achieve significant weight savings while simplifying vehicle assembly. With this revolutionary technology, Autoneum has successfully tackled the dual challenge of reducing noise and vibration across a broader frequency range, all while significantly lightening the load. Gone are the days of compromising performance for weight, as Zeta-Light effortlessly outperforms conventional damping alternatives, setting new industry standards.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Zeta-Light lies in its resilience to temperature fluctuations. Regardless of the external conditions, this innovative solution retains its exceptional damping performance, ensuring a consistently comfortable ride for drivers and passengers alike. No longer will the thrill of the open road be hampered by unwanted noise and vibrations, thanks to Autoneum’s cutting-edge advancements.

Commenting on this remarkable achievement, Dr. Martin Hirzel, CEO of Autoneum, stated, “Zeta-Light is a game-changer for the automotive industry. With its unprecedented acoustic performance and remarkable weight savings, we are setting new benchmarks for comfort, sustainability, and overall driving experiences. Our relentless pursuit of innovation continues to deliver solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of car manufacturers and customers worldwide.”

The introduction of Zeta-Light marks a significant milestone for Autoneum, solidifying their position as a global leader in automotive acoustics. This extraordinary technology is set to redefine the driving experience, creating a new standard of quiet, comfortable, and immersive journeys for car enthusiasts across the globe.

As the automotive industry embraces this revolutionary advancement, one thing is abundantly clear—Autoneum’s Zeta-Light is poised to shape the future of acoustics, cementing its place as an industry titan and revolutionizing the way we experience our vehicles.


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