Biba’s MD Inspires Surat’s Textile Businesses to Venture into Garment Manufacturing at CMAI’s Knowledge Session

In a bid to empower textile businesses in Surat and foster growth in the garment manufacturing sector, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) organized an inspiring ‘Knowledge Session’ featuring Siddharth Bindra, the Managing Director of Biba Fashion Ltd. The session, held in Surat and attended by over 200 members of SAKET (an association representing 160 textile markets), aimed to share valuable insights on brand building and garment manufacturing.

Siddharth Bindra captivated the audience as he shared the six key factors that have contributed to the success of the Biba brand: unwavering passion, commitment, and perseverance; maintaining the highest quality standards; adapting to evolving customer needs; establishing a unique brand identity; fostering consistent and effective customer communication; and aligning brand personality with pricing, packaging, and availability for a strong and lasting impact on the target audience.

Speaking at the event, Ajoy Bhattacharya, Chairman of CMAI’s Gujarat Regional Committee, expressed delight at Bindra’s contribution, stating, “We are thrilled that Bindra graced us with his invaluable insights and life lessons from his remarkable journey in establishing the Biba brand. These sessions have a profound goal of inspiring and empowering textile businesses to join the thriving Readymade Garment Industry in India.”

During the ‘Knowledge Session,’ CMAI also launched the ‘Surat Chapter’ of its ‘Achievers Club’ initiative, aiming to nurture young entrepreneurs and facilitate their success within the industry. These initiatives are designed to create a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and support the growth of the garment industry in Surat.

Naveen Sainani, Joint Honorary Secretary of CMAI, shared the organization’s future plans, saying, “Over the next three years, our goal is to promote garment manufacturing among entrepreneurs from the Surat textile industry, including SAKET members. We plan to achieve this by organizing programs, courses, and workshops dedicated to efficient garment production management, as well as enhancing marketing skills and knowledge for both export and domestic markets.”

Rahul Mehta, Chief Mentor of CMAI, emphasized the vast potential of India’s garment manufacturing sector, which continues to witness robust growth and contributes significantly to the country’s economic development. “Our partnership with SAKET also includes the establishment and management of a specialized training institute focused on equipping workers, operators, and staff for the garment industry,” he added.

The textile industry in Surat, recognized as a significant hub, is poised to become a crucial center for garment manufacturing. CMAI’s strategic establishment of its Gujarat Regional Office in Surat further underscores its commitment to support and bolster the region’s thriving textile market.

As the garment industry in India continues to evolve and expand, the knowledge shared during the ‘Knowledge Session’ is expected to catalyze further growth and development, generating ample employment opportunities and contributing to India’s economic prosperity.


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