Shri Techtex Limited to Raise Capital for Expansion, Targets Exciting Growth Opportunities in Technical Textiles

Shri Techtex Limited, a leading manufacturer and exporter of technical textiles, is embarking on an exciting journey of expansion with the initiation of a public issue to raise capital. The company aims to fuel its future growth plans and capitalize on new opportunities in the dynamic world of technical textiles.

The capital infusion from the public issue will be allocated towards key initiatives, bolstering the company’s infrastructure and capabilities. The highlights of the allocation include the construction of a state-of-the-art factory shed, the commissioning of an environmentally-friendly solar plant, and the acquisition of advanced machinery. Additionally, the funds will be utilized to meet working capital requirements, paving the way for value-added products and reduced energy costs.

Mr. Hanskumar Agarwal, the visionary Executive Director of Shri Techtex Limited, expressed unwavering optimism about the public issue. He stated, “We have witnessed a remarkable growth trajectory during the first decade of our operations, establishing a strong foundation in products, capacities, clientele, and geographical reach. The transition to a public company opens up new horizons of ambitions for the company, enabling us to further innovate and contribute to the technical textile industry.”

Specializing in manufacturing PP non-woven fabric in various sizes and densities, Shri Techtex Limited is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for industries that demand disposable or single-use products. These sectors include organic farming, healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes, home furnishing, vehicle upholstery seat fabrication, mattress & furniture covering, ecological packaging, and industrial and consumer goods.

Located strategically in Simaj of Dholka Taluka, Ahmedabad District, Gujarat, the manufacturing facility spans an impressive 41,548 sq. meters. With an installed capacity of 3600 MT of PP non-woven fabric per annum, the company has already positioned itself as a reliable supplier in the market. The upcoming expansion plans involve the incorporation of new machinery to augment the installed capacity, thereby producing an additional 1200 tonnes per year and an extra 24 lac sq. meters of fabric.

The growth initiatives taken by Shri Techtex Limited are not only set to boost their production capabilities but also to enhance their contribution to sustainable practices and energy efficiency. The company’s commitment to reducing the interest burden through repayment of high-cost debt demonstrates their dedication to achieving long-term financial stability.

As the public issue gathers momentum, investors and industry enthusiasts are eagerly watching the unfolding narrative of Shri Techtex Limited’s journey into new and exciting growth opportunities in the world of technical textiles. With their robust foundation and vision, the company is poised to make significant strides in the market, while continuing to innovate and create value for its stakeholders.


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