Biggen Technologies Unveils Chakra UAV Helicopters at Coimbatore Army Expo

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Biggen Technologies (BGT), a dynamic startup specializing in unmanned helicopters, drones, and automation, made a significant impact at the 2-day Defense Expo 2024 held at CODISSIA, Coimbatore. The company demonstrated their array of helicopters, including engine-powered, electric transmission, and multi-payload models, showcasing their cutting-edge technology and innovative designs.

Biggen Technologies (BGT) experts explaining the features of UAV helicopters to Army officials at the Army Expo 2024, held at CODISSIA, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Biggen Technologies Director Adarsh led the demonstration, illustrating the operational capabilities of the Chakra UAV helicopters. The event drew a large crowd, including many children, who were captivated by the two-hour performance. Various models of helicopters were on display for public viewing, and the demonstration of a helicopter capable of lifting 10 kg particularly impressed the audience. Children were especially interested in taking photos with the helicopters.

The startup’s Director, Mr. Adarsh, announced plans to enter the logistics market, targeting both the e-commerce and defense sectors with their advanced helicopters and drones. “We received a strong response from the defence sector, which provided us with several requirements that we have already begun addressing,” the Director stated.

Chakra version 1.0 helicopter can carry 4 kg of cargo for 45 minutes at a speed of 60 km/h. Another variant of version 1.0 can lift 10 kg and fly for 90 minutes, both of which are battery-powered. Chakra version 2.0, a petrol-powered model, can lift 6 kg and travel 60 km in 40 minutes. A newly developed petrol-powered helicopter can lift 10 kg and fly for 120 minutes at 60 km/h.

Adarsh highlighted the significance of these helicopters in government operations and emergency situations. “These UAV helicopters are essential in logistics, especially for transporting medicines during crises like the COVID-19 outbreak. They are also being used in various hilly states, including Manipur and Nagaland, flying at altitudes of 3000 to 4000 meters with GPS monitoring for precise tracking.”

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