Circular Polymers by Ascend Introduces Cerene Range: Revolutionizing Sustainable Materials with Cutting-Edge Recycling Technology

Circular Polymers by Ascend, a leading innovator in the recycling industry, has unveiled its groundbreaking Cerene range, a collection of recycled polymers and materials produced using their proprietary carpet reclaiming technology. This cutting-edge process, hailing from their state-of-the-art facility in California, enables the company to breathe new life into post-consumer carpet, diverting an astounding 85 million pounds of carpet waste from landfills since 2018.

With sustainability at the core of its mission, Circular Polymers by Ascend has successfully transformed polyamide 6 and 6.6, PET polyester, polypropylene, and calcium carbonate into consistent and eco-friendly feedstocks suitable for a wide array of applications. By harnessing their mechanical recycling method, the company has achieved a remarkable feat, minimizing carbon footprints and environmental impact while delivering a reliable supply of post-consumer recycled materials.

Maria Field, the esteemed Business Director of Circular Polymers by Ascend, expressed her enthusiasm about the Cerene range. “Customers around the globe are seeking consistent and reliable post-consumer recycled materials, and those in the Cerene range have been mechanically recycled using a process that minimizes carbon footprint and environmental impact,” she explained. This breakthrough not only meets the growing demand for sustainable solutions but also represents a significant stride towards a circular economy.

Circular Polymers by Ascend’s proprietary process seamlessly converts post-consumer carpet into high-quality fibers and pellets, breathing new life into virtually every component of the carpet and its backing. This innovation offers a transformative solution for the ever-growing carpet waste crisis, showcasing the potential to close the loop and reduce the environmental burden caused by traditional disposal methods.

The implications of the Cerene range extend beyond its ecological benefits. The recycled polymers and materials hold immense promise for a diverse range of applications, including packaging, textiles, automotive components, and much more. By leveraging Circular Polymers by Ascend’s Cerene products, manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices without compromising on quality or performance.

The introduction of Cerene heralds a new era in sustainable materials, with Circular Polymers by Ascend leading the way in revolutionizing the recycling landscape. Through their pioneering technology and dedication to reducing waste, the company is setting a shining example for the industry and inspiring others to prioritize environmental stewardship.

As the global community seeks innovative and reliable post-consumer recycled materials, the Cerene range is poised to make a lasting impact. With Circular Polymers by Ascend at the helm, the vision of a more sustainable and circular future is becoming an exciting reality, one recycled carpet at a time.


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