Hyosung Unveils Innovative Sustainable Backpacks Made from Recycled Fishing Nets at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Hyosung, a leading provider of sustainable textile solutions, has unveiled its latest breakthrough in eco-friendly manufacturing at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. The company showcased a range of backpacks made with their revolutionary regen ocean robic high-tenacity nylon, which is produced using 100% discarded fishing nets. These backpacks are part of Hyosung’s highly anticipated SS 24 Talon Earth collection.

The introduction of these backpacks marks a significant milestone in sustainable fashion, demonstrating Hyosung’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The regen ocean robic high-tenacity nylon is a testament to Hyosung’s continuous efforts to innovate and offer materials that cater to their customers’ sustainability needs.

Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Hyosung Global Marketing Director – Textiles, expressed his pride in the company’s sustainable textile solutions, stating, “As a complete sustainable textile solutions provider, we are proud of our ability to continually innovate and offer materials that support our customers’ sustainability needs.”

The backpacks made with Hyosung’s regen ocean fibres will be officially launched early next year, generating excitement among environmentally conscious consumers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Hyosung’s commitment to sustainability is not limited to its backpack collection. The company recently conducted an independent 3rd party Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to compare the environmental impact of manufacturing 1 kg of regen ocean post-consumer recycled nylon with that of conventional nylon. The results were astounding, with the regen ocean nylon manufacturing process reducing CO2 emissions by 73%, fossil resource use by 75.7%, and water consumption by an impressive 98.6%.

In addition to the backpacks, Hyosung is showcasing a wide range of fabrics and concept garments at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. These products have been developed by their Fashion Design Center (FDC), enabling product developers and designers to explore innovative uses of Hyosung’s yarns in garment manufacturing.

Among the showcased fibers are creora bio-based spandex, made with 30% renewable resources, and creora regen spandex, which is RCS-certified and composed of 100% recycled materials. Furthermore, the regen xanadu fiber, a mechanical-stretch blend of recycled post-consumer PET and corn-based materials, has generated significant interest among attendees.

Visitors to Hyosung’s booth at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market can also explore new fabrics developed in collaboration with partner mills LeeJo and PNC Textiles. These fabrics utilize Hyosung’s sustainable and functional yarns, providing valuable solutions for today’s dynamic textile market

As a complete sustainable textile solutions provider, Hyosung is renowned for its world-class products and continuous innovation in the textile industry. The company’s creora┬« spandex, the largest spandex brand globally, offers a broad range of stretch fiber options supported by exceptional technology and quality. Hyosung’s specialty nylon and polyester fibers deliver functional and sustainable solutions that are vital in meeting the demands of the ever-evolving textile marke

With the introduction of their innovative backpacks made from recycled fishing nets, Hyosung continues to set new standards for sustainable fashion, inspiring other companies to embrace environmentally friendly practices. As the fashion industry shifts towards a greener future, Hyosung’s commitment to sustainability positions them at the forefront of this movement, providing consumers with stylish, eco-friendly choices.


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