Collaborating with Young Minds for Technical Textile Development: An Interaction with Dr. Muthukumar P.

About PSG:

PSG College was founded in 1926 by PSG and Sons Charities in Peelamadu, Coimbatore. PSG Technology college is an autonomous college. There are 50 full-time programs to choose from science, Engineering and Management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. PSG also has 11 engineering and technology, computer applications, management sciences, basic sciences and humanities departments.

About Dr. Muthukumarb P.:

Dr. Muthukumar.P is an assistant professor of Mathematics at PSG College of Technology. He has 5 journal articles/ publications under his name.

What are the recent developments at your Centre of Excellence?

We are an institute for Industrial technical textile which includes Producing laminations, coating and laminations, thermal barriers and fabrics are the recent developments at our COE.

Tell us about your RnD programs that are going on?

We are connecting regular training programs for the students with the industries to provide students with the training which is going on at our COE. PSG is also providing training to students for the development of industrial technical textile.

Do you have any collaborations with institutes that teach textile technology? How can the students benefit from your COE?

PSG is a technical textile institution which provides training in industrial technical textile to students and other COEs. PSG has collaboration with Germany and Switzerland. Students can learn the course here in PSG itself. Students can study the curriculum for more knowledge which is application and practical based.

What is the status of technical textiles in terms of manufacturing in India and how is our standing in exports?

There are a number of products coming up and the awareness is fast. Products growing will double after 2047. Growth is double the amount. Exports are low as of now. After 2047, exports will double

Do you have any initiatives for entrepreneurs, skill development and training?

We have a focus incubation center where the small-scale entrepreneurs can purchase the products from us. After purchase, they can sell our products to the market. We will further help them by installing machine-filter fabrics, filter gadgets and readymade products. Young entrepreneurs can buy our ready-made products, mattress products are available from a big enterprise.

Do you have any collaborations with startups in Technical Textile?

We have tie-ups with many industries such as SRM industries, pharma industries and other industries which will benefit the society. We are developing things for the technical textile.

What are some current trends going on in the market?

Trends are increasing each day and every year. In 2047, the exports will increase in comparison to the pandemic time.

Considering climate change, what new improvisation is there in construction/geo textile?

Geo-technical textile will be there. New layers and aspects to the Geo-Textile will be implemented to avoid earthquake and changes in climatic conditions.


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