Emtec Electronic Unveils Revolutionary TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at World of Wipes Conference

Emtec Electronic, the renowned German testing equipment manufacturer, is set to astound industry professionals at the highly anticipated World of Wipes (WoW) International Conference in July 2023 with its revolutionary TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer. This advanced device promises to revolutionize the measurement and digitization of haptic properties, surpassing the limitations of human touch and providing precise and objective data.

In a press release, Emtec Electronic shed light on the inherent shortcomings of relying solely on human perception when evaluating haptic properties such as softness, smoothness, and elasticity. Human fingertips often fail to reliably distinguish between various haptic parameters, leading to subjective impressions. Furthermore, tactile preferences can significantly vary among individuals and cultures, posing challenges for consistent assessment.

However, with the newly revamped TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer, Emtec Electronic aims to overcome these limitations by delivering accurate and objective measurements for individual haptic parameters. In addition to measuring softness, smoothness, and elasticity, the redesigned TSA now includes the capability to measure thermal handshakes, offering an enhanced understanding of material properties.

The most remarkable upgrade to the TSA is the integration of a cloud-based digital haptic library. This innovative feature facilitates easy storage, comparison, and reproduction of sample properties from anywhere in the world. By improving supply chain communication, accelerating fabric development, ensuring product quality, and reducing courier costs, the cloud-based haptic library effectively minimizes the overall environmental footprint.

With a built-in camera, the TSA enables manufacturers to capture high-resolution images of samples, unveiling intricate weave patterns and structures. These images, combined with the measured haptic properties, can be digitally stored and categorized within the online library. This streamlined process enhances effective communication of product specifications, enables sample comparison, identifies matches in the database, and facilitates quality monitoring across multiple locations.

Alexander Gruener, Emtec’s Global Marketing and Business Development Manager, expressed his enthusiasm for the TSA’s enhancements: “The improvements to the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer will allow wipe manufacturers to take the haptics of their products to the next level, all the while increasing the efficiency of the process.”

Attendees of the WoW 2023 conference are eagerly encouraged to visit Emtec Electronic’s tabletop exhibit. There, they will have the opportunity to interact with Alexander Gruener and representatives from the partnering company, Technidyne of Industrial Physics. Together, they will provide detailed insights into the groundbreaking advancements in haptic testing offered by the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer, promising to elevate the industry to new heights.

With its cutting-edge features and potential to enhance product development, quality assurance, and environmental sustainability, Emtec Electronic’s unveiling of the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at the World of Wipes Conference is poised to capture the attention and curiosity of industry professionals worldwide.



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