Erca Unveils New Range of Textile Processing Auxiliaries Made from Recycled Vegetable Oil

Erca, an Italian manufacturer of textile processing auxiliaries, has announced the launch of its new Revecol range of products made from recycled vegetable cooking oil. The company will showcase the range at ITMA 2023, which will take place in Milan from June 8-14.

The Revecol range includes 18 different products, such as detergents, degreasing and soaping agents, and treatments for imparting permanent hydrophilicity. Each product has been tailored to specific fibres and their blends, ensuring optimal performance.

Chemical auxiliaries are essential at various stages of the textile production cycle, from material preparation to dyeing and finishing. However, they pose a significant challenge when it comes to recycling and reducing environmental impact.

Erca’s Revecol products have achieved several certifications, including GRS, RCS, bluesign, and GOTS. The range is also listed in the ZDHC Chemical Gateway.

Fabio Locatelli, head of textiles at Erca, said, “At Erca, we are always looking to develop products that are high-performing, competitive, and sustainable at the same time. The Revecol range provides a missing piece in the production of textile materials that enables an increasingly responsible and certified supply chain without any compromise in performance.”

In addition to the Revecol range, Erca will also promote the OneTone technology developed in collaboration with Asahi Kasei for use with the Roica Colour Perfect family range of premium stretch dyeable solutions. The technology allows for improved dyeability, color strength, and color fastness through an environmentally friendly and safe process approved by bluesign.

Erca’s commitment to sustainability and innovation has made it a leader in the textile industry. By using recycled vegetable oil to create its Revecol range, the company has demonstrated its dedication to reducing waste and preserving the environment. As the textile industry continues to evolve, Erca’s products and technologies will be at the forefront of sustainable development.


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