Foss Floors Invests in Andritz’s SDV Loom to Meet Demand for High-Quality Sustainable Products

Foss Floors invests in Andritz SDV loom to meet growing demand for high-quality products while maintaining sustainable manufacturing practices
Leading needlepunched felt products manufacturer in North America, Foss Floors, has recently invested in Andritz’s new 5.3 m loom, type SDV, to meet the increasing demand for high-quality floor coverings. The new equipment will allow Foss Floors to further diversify its product range while maintaining its commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices.
Foss Floors is known for its agility in product diversification and distribution of a vast array of flooring products worldwide. The company’s commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices is evident in its reuse of over 18 million kg (40 million pounds) of plastic annually to create its floor coverings, which equates to 2 billion plastic bottles recycled into carpet.
Kevin Nasser, General Manager of Operations at Foss Floors, expressed his satisfaction with the performance and quality of Andritz’s velour loom since the company’s first purchase in 2019. The positive experience with Andritz during a supply chain crisis further reinforced their decision to choose Andritz for their new investment.
Andritz is a global leader in the supply of nonwoven production technologies, including velour equipment that addresses various applications such as automotive, household, flooring, acoustics, geotextiles, filtration, and synthetic leather.
The investment in Andritz’s SDV loom reflects Foss Floors’ continued commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices and meeting the growing customer demand for high-quality products. With its facilities located in Rome and Chatsworth, Georgia, Foss Floors remains a significant player in the industry and aims to continue to meet customer needs through product diversification.

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