Fabric Manufacturing Course, 3-months max, two times a week, at Bhiwandi, Gokul Nagar

We are very pleased to let you know that we have started Our Centre on 16May2023.

Accordingly, we have launched a 3 month duration Certificate Course in Fabric Manufacturing, CCFM. Admissions have started and the full course fees are ₹25,000/- with both cash and online payment options available. We have regulated training to 30 students maximum per batch.


We shall be happy to attend to visitors at our centre, whom you may send for understanding the facilities we offer.


We look forward to serving the Bhiwandi Textile Units by educating students and developing useful skilled human resources. Kindly contact us if you feel like supporting some needy student either time-wise or financially to take this course and consequently, who may later in life, contribute to and grow, along with the textile industry of Bhiwandi and India, in general.


Students are expected to attend classes at least twice a week, with four hours per day.

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