First Quality Enterprises Completes Acquisition of Domtar Corporation’s Dryden Mill, Launches Dryden Fibre Canada, ULC

In a significant development for the Canadian pulp and paper industry, First Quality Enterprises has successfully finalized its acquisition of Domtar Corporation’s Dryden Mill, marking the birth of a new era for the historic facility. The mill will now operate under the name Dryden Fibre Canada, ULC, solidifying its place within the esteemed First Quality Group.

With a steadfast commitment to maintaining the mill’s legacy, First Quality Enterprises assures that there will be no immediate alterations to the mill’s workforce or operations. This announcement comes as a reassuring testament to the future stability of the Dryden Mill and its employees.

The Dryden Mill, nestled in the heart of Ontario, has been renowned for its production of top-tier Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft pulp, catering to discerning customers across North America. The acquisition by First Quality Enterprises is poised to inject new vigor into this time-honored institution, propelling it towards unparalleled growth and innovation.

Robert Chisholm, the division manager of Dryden Fibre Canada, ULC, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “We are very excited about closing on the acquisition of the Dryden Mill. The impressive team at the mill, led by Marie Cyr, is one of the many reasons that we pursued this opportunity, and we look forward to our future and the continued success and growth of the Dryden Mill for generations to come.”

Chisholm’s words underline the vision that First Quality Enterprises holds for the future of the mill. Notably, this vision extends beyond operational excellence; the new owners are committed to deepening their engagement with local communities, Indigenous groups, and all stakeholders. Strengthening relationships and fostering partnerships are integral aspects of First Quality Group’s strategy for the Dryden Mill.

The acquisition of the Dryden Mill by First Quality Enterprises not only secures the livelihoods of its dedicated workforce but also sets the stage for a dynamic chapter in the mill’s illustrious history. As the industry watches closely, all eyes are on Dryden Fibre Canada, ULC, to see how this collaboration will unfold and shape the future of the pulp and paper sector in Canada and beyond.


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