Geotextile is a branch of technical textile virtually deals with the GEO means EARTH that is soil & rocks. The geotextiles are magic panacea for almost all the geotechnical problems. As it was 1stused in 1926 by the South Carolina Highways Dept. in a series of road constriction. But, in 1973 three basic functions where identified by scientists Mr. Leflaife & Mr. Puig these are separation, filtration & then drainage. Therefore the manufacturing process of most widely used geotextile net which was made by Netlon in UK was patented in 1960.

As the Indian economy is broadly dependent on agriculture, ours GDP fluctuates due to the agricultural production, but it is hampered due to various reasons like climate, rainfall, site situation, etc. out of which site situation is most important aspect as per as crop yield is concerned. Because, soil erosion is one of the critical problem which is due to severe rainfall, storms, etc. & ultimately vegetation on these top soil becomes extreme difficult as loss of soil takes place. So in order to avoid soil erosion & to have better fertility of soil surface covering based geotextiles approaches tends to be more effective using jute material.

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