Needle Punching Process – A Technological Review


The basic concept employed in making a nonwoven fabric is to transform fiber based materials into two-dimensional sheet structures with fabric-like properties such as flexibility, porosity, and mechanical integrity. The nonwoven manufacturing process can be basically consist of web laying and web bonding. Among the web bonding methods needle punching is a very exciting and diverse trade involving technology for natural, synthetic fibres and their blends. This paper give a broad outlook about the needle punching process, parameters influencing the process, different needle structure, advances in technology and application of the needle punched product in various field.

Bonding Technology in the Nonwoven process

A fabric consisting of an assembly of textile fibres(oriented in one direction or in a random manner) held together (1) by mechanical interlocking; (2) by fusing of thermoplastic fibres, or (3) by bonding with a rubber, starch, glue, casein, latex, or a cellulose derivative or synthetic resin. Mechanical bonding can be classified into hydroentanglement and needle punching process.

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