Hologenix’s Celliant with Repreve Receives Prestigious Eco Award, Paving the Way for Sustainable Innovation

In a groundbreaking achievement, Hologenix, a prominent leader in textile technology, and UNIFI, a global textile solutions provider and creators of Repreve, have been honored with a Top 5 Selection in the Accelerated Eco category of the Spring/Summer ISPO Textrends 2025 Awards for their revolutionary product, Celliant with Repreve. This recognition solidifies Hologenix’s position as an industry trailblazer in sustainable innovation.

The Accelerated Eco category, which recognizes products that spearhead sustainability efforts and establish new benchmarks in the industry, has witnessed the remarkable debut of Celliant with Repreve. This cutting-edge technology signifies a steadfast dedication to creating eco-friendly textile solutions that revolutionize the sports apparel industry and beyond.

This recent accolade builds upon Celliant with Repreve’s earlier success, having also been acknowledged with a Selection in the Fibers & Insulation Category of the ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2024/2025. Furthermore, the fiber was shortlisted in the Sustainable Textile Innovation category of the Drapers Sustainable Fashion 2023 Awards. These consecutive honors solidify Celliant with Repreve as a game-changer, validating its positive impact on sustainability.

Celliant with Repreve combines the power of Celliant infrared (IR) technology with Repreve, a leading brand of recycled fiber. The result is a performance fiber made from recycled materials, augmented with IR technology to provide consumers with wellness benefits. By utilizing a blend of natural bioceramic minerals, Celliant technology converts body heat into infrared energy, which is then returned to the body, temporarily increasing local circulation and cellular oxygenation. This process aids in muscle recovery, enhances endurance, and improves overall performance for healthy individuals.

Repreve, the recycled performance fiber used in Celliant with Repreve, is composed of high-quality fibers made entirely from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. The fiber is certified and traceable through UNIFI’s U Trust verification and FiberPrint technology, guaranteeing that the product is derived from recycled materials. Through the use of Repreve, brands can offset the use of petroleum, conserve water and energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions when compared to virgin fibers.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Seth Casden, Co-founder and CEO of Hologenix, stated, “This third accolade for Celliant with Repreve makes it our most award-winning carrier to date. Celliant with Repreve helps brands create offerings that are better for us and better for the earth.”

The recognition of Celliant with Repreve by the ISPO Textrends 2025 Awards highlights the remarkable progress made by Hologenix and UNIFI in creating sustainable textile innovations that contribute to a greener future. As the demand for environmentally friendly products continues to surge, the success of Celliant with Repreve reinforces its position as a pioneer in sustainable textile technology, ushering in a new era of eco-conscious sports apparel and beyond.

With Celliant with Repreve at the forefront of sustainable innovation, it is clear that the fusion of advanced textile technology and environmental consciousness has the potential to reshape industries, inspire change, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.


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