HSTPL Creates History by Receiving First Order for its’ Revolutionary IMCS from Indian Armed Forces

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Hyper Stealth Technologies Private Limited (HSTPL), has created history by becoming the first iDEX winner to receive an order from the Indian armed forces. The company, which specialises in the manufacture of stealth management solutions had earlier bagged the “Innovation for Defence Excellence” iDEX start-up challenge award for ‘Adaptive Stealth Coating Solutions.’ The market potential for IMCS in India alone is seen at One billion dollars. In addition, there is a large export market for this cutting edge technology.

The technology being offered and incorporated in the new product reduces the detection range for all modern warfare sensors (IR, thermal and radar) by 50%, hence offering additional protection to armed forces platforms and service personnel and increases chances of survival. The same technology can be used in all the three services and can be used for Aircrafts, UAVs and other aerial vehicles; Shelters for Air Force; Stealth Frigates, Submarine periscopes for the Navy; besides Tanks, Armoured Vehicles, Artillery Guns, Bunkers etc. For the Army.

Mr. Manish Dalmia, Co-founder of HSTPL excitedly stated that, “We are extremely honoured to receive the first order in the history of iDEX. Following our Prime Minister’s dream of ‘Atamanirbhar Bharat’, we offer a 100% indigenously designed, developed and manufactured, Made in India, stealth solution for our armed forces.” He further said, “We believe that every soldier saved is a family saved, protecting our protectors and safeguarding the nation through our IMCS would be a force multiplier and the importance of it can be seen in terms of the increased survival chances of our soldiers.”

According to Mr. Dalmia, “To beat the challenge of being detected through sensors, Hyper Stealth worked on the development, design and manufacture of stealth solutions to protect our armed forces from a multitude of threats and challenges in the modern war scenario.” “Unseen is unbeaten – you can’t hit something you can’t see,” he added.

Hyper Stealth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Has its headquarters in New Delhi and was founded in 2016. The company prides itself on its in-house experienced research, development, and manufacturing teams for creating and producing latest, state-of-the-art stealth solutions against modern day warfare surveillance sensors. The company is fully compliant with the stringent specifications of the Indian defence sector. Its product portfolio includes multi-spectral camouflage nets and tents, adaptive thermal signature management paints, radar and infra-red camouflaging paint, among others.

These products fully comply with the stringent specifications of Military Camouflage requirements. HSTPL is specialised in developing, designing and manufacturing advance solutions to effectively manage the stealth properties of military targets. HSTPL’s fundamental principle is to achieve “Perfect Signature Management”, so that assets are unidentifiable by all modern surveillance and identification systems.















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