INDA Partners with EDANA to Expand the Reach of the Industry’s First Quality and Audit Program for Hygiene Product Suppliers

INDA and EDANA, the leading trade associations representing nonwovens and related industries, joined forces to implement and support the industry’s first Quality and Audit Program (QAP) in the United States. This joint effort will increase the reach of, and support for, the program in the North American absorbent hygiene products and wet wipes industries.


Much like the harmonization of test methods years ago, this joint program has the potential to reduce complexity for both suppliers and converters of AHP and wipes. This program grew from the inefficiency of facing multiple audits from converter supplier audit programs, often assessing similar requirements, but according to differing standards.


The program went through a rigorous testing and piloting phase before being rolled out in the summer of 2022. Initially only available in Europe, the program is expanding its reach to cover Asia and the Americas.


“INDA is pleased to partner with EDANA to promote this program for the benefit and efficiency of the industry,” said Tony Fragnito, INDA President. “With this partnership, we believe QAP will become the global quality standard in the hygiene industry, thus ensuring that consumer products across the industry are of the highest quality.”


“Answering the needs of many of our members and based on the first results since its implementation in Europe just over a year ago, we are strongly convinced that QAP is a meaningful step forward for the industry. While it will still require a kind of paradigm shift, we are sure that more and more industry players from across the world will adopt the program,” said Murat Dogru, EDANA’s General Manager. “I look forward to partnering with INDA to bring QAP to the North American market.”


More information is available on the EDANA website where converters and suppliers can register to take part. The program is based on a harmonized quality and hygiene standard, which facilitates an objective third-party audit. Organizations can also register to follow a training course to familiarize themselves with the standard.


For further information on the QAP project, please contact either INDA’s Director of Education and Technical Affairs, Matt O’Sickey at, or EDANA’s Director of Scientific and Technical Affairs, Marines Lagemaat at


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Comprising over 310 members, EDANA is the leading global association advocating the benefits of nonwovens for society. Since 1971, EDANA has been providing a comprehensive range of services to enhance the industry’s goals and performance, including supporting sustainability ambitions, responsible product stewardship, and addressing common technical, regulatory and market challenges. EDANA also organizes several application-specific and geographic focus industry events.

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