Indian Technical Textiles Industry’s Success in Protectives Fuels Growth Prospects, Encourages Trust-Building Initiatives

India’s technical textiles industry is making remarkable strides in the realm of protective textiles, showcasing substantial progress in various sub-segments and successfully reducing dependence on imports by over 95 percent. Although the sector has witnessed significant achievements, challenges persist in garnering consumer trust for medical and automotive textile products, hindering complete self-sufficiency in these areas.

Recent data reveals a promising growth trajectory for India’s meditech exports, with a substantial 59 percent increase between April 2022 and January 2023. However, geotech textile exports experienced a concerning decline of 44 percent during the same period, highlighting an area in need of attention within the industry.

Dr. Arindam Basu, the director general of the North India Technical Textile Research Association in Ghaziabad, commended Indian companies for their overall positive performance in various sectors. These companies have not only successfully replaced imported technical textile items but have also generated significant savings in foreign exchange and opened doors for exports. The expertise of Indian manufacturers is being recognized, as evidenced by ongoing discussions with the Indian Army regarding product approvals for critical items like extreme cold weather clothing and NBC suits.

However, Dr. Basu stressed the importance of establishing consumer trust, especially in the medical and automotive textile sectors, which currently rely on imports. Overcoming this hurdle would allow Indian companies to attain self-sufficiency and reduce dependence on foreign markets. Flawless performance under extreme conditions is a crucial expectation for technical textile products, and consumers need assurance that these items can withstand any circumstance without failure.

Data from the Ministry of Textiles and the Indian Technical Textiles Association (ITTA) highlights export trends in the industry. Meditech exports surged by 59 percent, reaching ₹2,251 crore during April 2022-January 2023, compared to ₹1,419 crore during the same period the previous year. Packtech emerged as the largest export category, valued at ₹6,452 crore, despite a marginal 6 percent decrease from the corresponding period last year.

To overcome the challenges faced by the Indian technical textiles industry, manufacturers must prioritize building consumer trust, especially in sectors like medical and automotive textiles. Emphasizing quality, reliability, and stringent performance standards will enable Indian companies to solidify their position in the global market while reducing dependence on imports. Collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders, research organizations, and the government are also vital for promoting innovation and addressing existing gaps.

As the Indian technical textiles industry continues its upward trajectory in the realm of protective textiles, sustained growth and increased consumer trust are essential for unlocking its full potential. With concerted efforts, Indian companies are well-positioned to achieve global recognition for their technical textile offerings, marking a significant milestone for the country’s textile sector as a whole.



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