Indian Textile Industry Gears Up for Expansion in the US Market

In a strategic move aimed at boosting exports of manmade fiber textiles and technical textiles, the Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC) announced on Thursday that it will soon be leading a high-profile industry delegation to the United States. The visit aims to establish crucial partnerships with American companies and enhance trade relations in the textile sector.

Bhadresh Dodhia, Chairman of SRTEPC, expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming delegation, stating, “We will be taking a delegation from India to the US very soon and meeting with top American companies to increase exports of manmade fiber textiles and technical textiles.” The objective of this mission is to tap into the immense potential of the American market, leveraging the growing demand for innovative textile products.

India’s exports of manmade yarns and fabrics reached a value of $788 million during the fiscal year 2022-23, witnessing a slight decline of 10% compared to the previous year’s figure of $878.34 million. Recognizing the significance of the US as a key trade partner, Dodhia highlighted the country’s role in supplying high-quality raw materials such as specialty yarns, aramid yarns, and filter fabrics, which are essential for Indian manufacturers of technical textiles.

The US stands as one of the leading export markets for textiles and clothing from India, offering tremendous opportunities for growth and collaboration. With its well-established textile industry, the US market provides a favorable environment for Indian exporters to showcase their expertise and expand their market share. Through this delegation, Indian textile manufacturers aim to forge strong alliances with American companies, fostering mutual growth and ensuring a steady supply of high-quality textile products.

The technical textile sector, in particular, holds immense potential for growth in the US market. With the increasing demand for specialized textiles used in industries such as automotive, healthcare, construction, and defense, Indian manufacturers can offer their expertise and cater to the specific requirements of American companies. The visit aims to explore avenues for collaboration, exchange knowledge, and strengthen ties between the two nations in the technical textile segment.

The delegation’s itinerary includes meetings with prominent American companies, industry associations, and government officials involved in the textile trade. Through these interactions, Indian delegates will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative textile products, demonstrate their manufacturing capabilities, and establish long-term business relationships.

As the delegation prepares to embark on this crucial journey, the Indian textile industry is optimistic about the potential outcomes. Increased exports to the US market will not only boost the industry’s revenue but also create employment opportunities and contribute to the growth of the Indian economy. Furthermore, the collaboration between Indian and American textile companies will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technology, and best practices, fostering innovation and propelling the industry forward.

With its rich heritage and expertise in textile manufacturing, India is poised to become a key player in the global textile market. Through initiatives such as this delegation visit, the country aims to strengthen its position as a reliable and innovative supplier of manmade fiber textiles and technical textiles to the United States. The success of this mission will not only benefit the participating companies but also solidify the trade relations between India and the US, opening doors for future collaboration and mutual growth in the textile industry.



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