Indian Weaving Industry Calls for Access to Raw Materials Amid Shortage

In a concerning development, India’s weaving industry is facing a severe shortage of AA grade FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) polyester, leading to a call for unrestricted access to international markets for essential raw materials. The industry is raising concerns about the reluctance of yarn manufacturers to share production and quality details, highlighting the urgent need for transparency and adherence to global standards.

The Pandesara Weavers Cooperative Society, a prominent player in the weaving industry, has been at the forefront of this demand for change. They emphasize the need to revise the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) regulations to bring them in line with global standards.

Shortage of AA Grade FDY Polyester:

The weaving industry in India heavily relies on AA grade FDY polyester, a crucial raw material for manufacturing textiles and fabrics. However, recent shortages of this grade of polyester have sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Weaving units across the country have reported difficulties in sourcing an adequate supply of this essential material, causing disruptions in production and increasing concerns about meeting customer demands.

Call for Unrestricted Access to International Markets:

In response to the shortage, industry stakeholders are calling for unrestricted access to international markets for the procurement of raw materials. They argue that a more open approach to imports would help alleviate the current crisis and reduce dependence on domestic suppliers. This move is seen as a way to ensure a steady supply of AA grade FDY polyester and maintain the stability of the weaving industry.

Transparency Issues with Yarn Manufacturers:

The industry’s discontent extends to yarn manufacturers who have been criticized for their lack of transparency regarding production and quality details. Weaving companies are demanding greater transparency from yarn suppliers to ensure the consistency and quality of raw materials. This call for transparency underscores the need for a more collaborative and communicative approach within the industry.

Revising BIS Standards:

The Pandesara Weavers Cooperative Society, a prominent representative of India’s weaving industry, has called for the revision of the low BIS standards currently in place. They argue that aligning these standards with global benchmarks would not only improve product quality but also foster innovation and competitiveness within the industry. This push for standardization is seen as a vital step towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of the weaving sector.

In conclusion, the Indian weaving industry is facing a significant challenge due to the shortage of AA grade FDY polyester. The industry’s demand for unrestricted access to international markets and increased transparency from yarn manufacturers highlights the urgency of addressing these issues. Moreover, the call to revise BIS standards emphasizes the need for modernization and alignment with global practices to ensure the continued growth and success of India’s weaving industry.


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