Italian Textile Machinery at Techtextil, Mumbai, 2023

TECHNICAL TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN Took an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW of Massimo Michelini, Sales Director Ramina SRL.  


Please give us a brief about your company. 

Ramina is an Italian company located in Veneto, close to Venice. We are Italian manufacturers serving the nonwovens market. Within this market, we are able to provide spun bond spinning machinery to support many different applications, including hygiene, industrial textiles, etc.  


Apart from this, we also have machines like the calendar, dryer, winding, and other specific niche application markets. We have some share of the market in India, especially in the medical textiles sector. There is a lot of scope and market growth in India. There are many innovations and opportunities for our business in India. 


We provide several advantages like the flexibility of the machines to our customers, who want to expand their business. 


How is the response in TechTextil India?

The response has been good with an influx of customers. India is indeed a market to be followed for technical textiles.


What is the innovation and your RnD work?

We have a dedicated team working for the hygiene and medical market. We have a 1.6-meter spinning line completed by the calendar, winding, and dryers. So if any customer wants to do any trials, then we do have those facilities in medical textiles. 

We will also have facilities for the indutech segment of technical textiles starting from January. So, we will have these two pilots working. 


How much revenue do you keep for the R&D sector? 

We do invest a lot in our R&D activities and the service of our customers. Selling is the first activity, and then a follow-up of the customer is also important. 


What is your vision for the Indian Market?

If we see the trend, earlier, there was a focus on low-GSM hygiene products. Now, the market is very segmented, so the customers are looking for some niche applications, especially in India. We have collected some very specific project-related requests. 

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