TechTextil Mumbai: A Unique Experience

TECHNICAL TEXTILE VALUE CHAIN spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Raj Manek, Messe Frankfurt, Organisers of TechTextil  Mumbai. 


This time, TechTextil is being held in a new venue. How is the visitor and exhibitor response to the show? 

I think the TechTextil response has been superb so far. The venue is always a bonus, but TechTextil in itself is a brand, and many people know about it and technical textiles. With so many more companies going into technical textiles and the government also supporting the venture, we have more than 160 exhibitors across all segments of technical textiles and nonwovens. All the companies are displaying a lot of products. The flow of visitors is also constant, and they are happy.


Technical textiles is a niche field. How do you justify the coverage of all domains of technical textiles under one show? 

We don’t need to justify any one segment. Some aspects are still developing in India. So, we look at what is happening in the market and work accordingly to get businesses for these companies. The strong segments and more investment are being made in it, including medical textiles in India. There is work being done in nonwovens, etc. It is a vast area, and it is going to change the infrastructure dynamics of the country. We are trying to provide a combination of knowledge transfer and the practical approach that is needed. The conference this time is focussing on Geotextiles and Nonwovens in Medical Textiles. 


Many shows are shifting to the cluster/ online mode. What is your take on that?

Our shows have only grown from 2022. I have not met anyone who’s said that they want to attend a cluster or regional show. Our shows in Asia as well as Europe have grown and the visitors are coming back. The logistical issues like visa processing due to the restrictions post-pandemic are what is stopping the people, not their willingness to go the show. The requirement for the actual shows has increased after the pandemic, and it has only grown with visitors coming from different nations. 


There is a vast difference between TechTextil India and TechTextil Germany. What are the reasons for this?

The Indian market is great, but it is still a bit behind than that of Europe, hence the difference. However, India is also catching up very well in this domain, especially since there has been so much emphasis on this in the last 3-4 years. But the initiatives take time. We can adapt our shows according to the different demands of the markets and work accordingly. This gives us the edge in the market. 


TechTextil is happening in numerous places. How is India’s ranking in terms of business? 

You cannot compare it this way. We need to see the market perspective, as every country is in a different space when compared according to growth and development. India will be at a comparable level with its Chinese and European counterparts in the next few years. 


A lot of start-ups are coming up in the technical textiles segment in India. What would be your wisdom to these people who are entering the market? 

It is a very specialized area when it comes to production. Everyone is moving to this segment gradually. In India, it is growing, and the government has also put over 600 standards, which will make it acceptable globally. The consumer base is also huge in India, and as there are standards, the quality will be maintained. 

Sports Textiles is the fastest-growing segment globally. But in India, we are still importing raw materials. It is a huge market. 


Are you planning any show based on the applications of the technical textiles? 

We are certainly planning for medical textiles as it is very important and it is a strong segment in India. All these things link up very well, and we can come up with something in this sector. It will be relevant for the Indian Market. 

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