Kodak Unveils State-of-the-Art Textile Testing Facility, Revolutionizing Fabric Development

In a groundbreaking move, Kodak, the renowned technology pioneer with a rich heritage of innovation, has opened a cutting-edge textile testing facility at its Eastman Business Park. With an impressive collection of 79,000 patents amassed over 130 years of research and development, Kodak is now set to transform the textile industry through its comprehensive range of testing services.

The newly unveiled facility, which combines Kodak’s expertise in advanced materials and chemicals, marks a significant milestone in the company’s recent foray into manufacturing light-blocking fabrics under the brand name Kodalux. This state-of-the-art laboratory will cater to textile developers, manufacturers, and academic institutions, offering a diverse array of testing services to assess the specific properties and performance attributes of fabrics.

At the heart of this groundbreaking initiative lies Kodalux fabric coating, the result of decades of meticulous research and collaboration. Leveraging proprietary micro-particle technology, this innovative coating provides a spectrum of light-control performance, ranging from simple filtering to an astounding 100% blackout. What sets Kodalux apart is its revolutionary one-step foam coating process, which not only eliminates the need for fabric liners but also significantly reduces water, energy, and chemical consumption. This environmentally friendly approach makes managing light more efficient and effective.

Notably, the Rochester testing facility has achieved ISO certification for providing NFPA 701 fire retardancy testing, ensuring the utmost safety for textile products. Additionally, it offers an extensive range of assessments including color fastness, light blocking or room darkening, tensile and tear testing, stiffness testing for objective characterization of hand/drape properties, and abrasion testing. All testing procedures adhere to established ASTM and AATCC methodologies, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

Terry Taber, Kodak’s Chief Technology Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking endeavor, stating, “Our new service makes it easy for customers in the textile industry to access the most sophisticated fabric testing procedures. Customers can rely on Kodak for the highest quality testing to help them meet the most exacting standards. Looking forward, we are committed to expanding the scope of this initiative with additional test resources to meet customer needs.”

This breakthrough testing facility signifies Kodak’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its dedication to revolutionizing industries. With its wealth of patents and technological prowess, Kodak is poised to shape the future of fabric development and redefine the possibilities within the textile world. As the company continues to push boundaries and broaden its testing capabilities, the textile industry can anticipate a brighter, more advanced future where fabric performance reaches unprecedented heights.

In an era of constant innovation, Kodak’s textile testing facility stands as a testament to the power of research and development. With the potential to unlock new horizons and inspire groundbreaking creations, this state-of-the-art facility heralds a new era of fabric excellence, backed by the expertise of an industry titan. The future of textiles has arrived, and it bears the indomitable Kodak stamp of excellence.


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