Lands’ End and Recover Join Forces to Redefine Sustainable Denim Fashion

In a groundbreaking partnership spanning continents, American lifestyle brand Lands’ End and Madrid-based innovator Recover have unveiled a remarkable low-impact denim collection. This collaboration not only fuses fashion with sustainability but also demonstrates how recycled materials can revolutionize the textile industry.
With a nod to both style and environmental consciousness, Lands’ End and Recover have meticulously crafted a series of timeless denim pieces designed for men and women alike. What sets these garments apart is the integration of Recover’s recycled cotton fiber, derived from discarded textile waste scraps, constituting a noteworthy 20% of the collection.
The choice to utilize Recover’s recycled cotton fiber stems from its remarkable ability to diminish the ecological footprint of each item. Compared to garments constructed solely from virgin fibers, these sustainable denim pieces exhibit a considerably reduced environmental impact. This collaboration embodies the notion that textile waste can be reintegrated into the production cycle, paving the way for a more sustainable and circular model of creation.
Boris Mercier, Recover’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership with Lands’ End, emphasizing the global implications of their joint endeavor. “We’re delighted to collaborate with an iconic American brand such as Lands’ End to accelerate the adoption of sustainable initiatives all over the world and bring low-impact fashion closer to the consumer,” said Mercier.
As both a fourth-generation family-owned establishment and a recipient of investments from Story3 Capital and Goldman Sachs, Recover stands poised to champion lasting environmental change. Armed with their proprietary technology, they are actively working towards scaling their innovations to create a profound positive impact. Their aspiration to collaborate with brands, retailers, and other trailblazers aligns seamlessly with the industry’s collective goal of achieving sustainable benchmarks.
In a world where fashion and environmental concerns increasingly intertwine, Lands’ End and Recover’s collaboration sends a powerful message. It redefines not only how we perceive denim fashion but also how we can collectively address the pressing challenges of textile waste and sustainability. As these visionary companies take the lead, the partnership stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating a more responsible path for the fashion industry on a global scale.

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