Madewell Becomes Pioneer US Denim Company to Join bluesign’s Sustainable Revolution

In a groundbreaking move that sets a new standard for environmentally conscious denim production, Madewell has proudly become the inaugural US denim brand to collaborate with bluesign, earning the prestigious distinction of being a bluesign system partner brand. This marks a pivotal moment in the fashion industry as Madewell takes decisive strides towards reducing its environmental footprint.

The bluesign system is internationally renowned for championing sustainable chemistry and promoting a holistic approach to drive environmental enhancements, boost worker safety, and optimize resource efficiency. By teaming up with bluesign, Madewell signifies its unwavering commitment to adopting the best available techniques and sustainable practices in denim production.

Madewell’s journey towards more sustainable denim commenced in October 2022 with the launch of its first denim style crafted using bluesign-approved ISKO fabrics. This significant step not only reflects Madewell’s dedication to clean chemistry but also showcases its dedication to eliminating hazardous chemicals from the outset of fabric production.

The collaboration between Madewell and bluesign underscores a transformative approach to denim manufacturing. Through stringent on-site assessments, meticulous management of input streams, and thorough verification of chemical inventories, the bluesign team collaborates closely with system partners, including brands, manufacturers, and chemical suppliers. Together, they craft tailor-made solutions that prioritize the highest standards of safety for both workers and the environment.


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