Major Breakthrough in Nonwovens Industry as Sinaatec, A.Celli, and Reifenhäuser Collaborate to Transform North and Central African Markets

In a groundbreaking partnership, Algerian company Sinaatec has joined forces with industry leaders A.Celli and Reifenhäuser to revolutionize the nonwovens industry in North and Central Africa. The strategic alliance aims to bolster the medical and hygiene sectors and bring about significant advancements in the region.

Sinaatec, a key player in the nonwovens industry, has recently introduced two cutting-edge Reifenhäuser Reicofil meltblown and composite bico RF5 lines at its Algiers plant. These lines, each boasting an impressive width of 3.2 meters, are set to reshape the landscape of essential sectors throughout North and Central Africa.

The collaboration has resulted in the delivery of state-of-the-art end-of-line solutions from A.Celli to Sinaatec for the RF5 composite bico line. This includes the highly advanced E-Wind AC Zero master roll winder, accompanied by the fully automatic Combi master roll handling system and two E-Wind Super Sonic units. These units incorporate cutting-edge features such as the Slittomatic automatic knives positioning technology and the Corematic system, which streamlines shaft handling and core cutting through its automated functionality.

Additionally, Sinaatec’s meltblown line, which has been operational since October 2022, has been enhanced with the installation of the E-Wind Stream In-Line slitting winder, further solidifying Sinaatec’s position as a frontrunner in the nonwovens industry.

Mohamed Lamine Boucelouche, CEO of Sinaatec, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “It was a pleasure to work on this major project with A.Celli and Reicofil.” Boucelouche recently visited A.Celli’s headquarters in Italy to inspect the winding, slitting, and packaging equipment before its delivery to Sinaatec’s Algiers plant.

The partnership between Sinaatec, A.Celli, and Reifenhäuser represents a significant milestone in the nonwovens industry, showcasing the companies’ commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. By leveraging cutting-edge machinery and equipment, Sinaatec aims to meet the growing demand for high-quality medical and hygiene products across North and Central Africa.

The installation of the RF5 lines at Sinaatec’s Algiers plant marks a turning point for the company and sets a new standard for the nonwovens industry in the region. Equipped with the latest end-of-line solutions, Sinaatec is poised to lead the way in providing essential products that enhance healthcare and hygiene standards throughout North and Central Africa.


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