DyStar Unveils Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing Process at ITMA Exhibition

DyStar, a Singapore-based company, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing process, at the prestigious ITMA exhibition in Milan. This groundbreaking technology is set to revolutionize the textile industry by significantly reducing water usage and energy consumption during the production of indigo dyes, providing a sustainable solution for sulphur dyes and colored denim.

With sustainability becoming a top priority in the global textile supply chain, DyStar’s eco-friendly indigo dyeing process has already gained recognition for its ability to enhance quality consistency while minimizing wastewater treatment in denim production. This cutting-edge technology marks a game-changer for manufacturers, producers, brands, and retailers worldwide.

The ITMA exhibition, running from June 6 to 14, serves as a platform for industry members to exchange ideas and explore the latest advancements in the post-pandemic era. DyStar will be showcasing its wide range of processing innovations, including Cadira, Dianix, Evo, Indigo, Jettex, Levafix, Procion, Remazol, and more, further solidifying its position as a leading force in driving positive change within the textile industry.

Eric Hopmann, DyStar’s Chief Commercial Officer, stressed the urgency of transforming the textile supply chain in response to the energy crisis, inflation, and climate impact. He expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity for stakeholders to gather at ITMA and highlighted DyStar’s commitment to supporting the industry in delivering high-quality products without compromising sustainability.

The Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing process not only reduces the environmental footprint associated with indigo dye production but also sets new standards for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By minimizing water usage and energy consumption, it addresses crucial sustainability challenges while enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly conscious market.

As visitors to the ITMA exhibition explore sustainable practices, DyStar’s innovations promise to empower stakeholders to create value-added confidence and assurance while meeting the ever-growing demand for sustainable and high-quality products. Attendees can experience firsthand the transformative potential of DyStar’s eco-friendly solutions at stand B201 in Hall 5.

With its commitment to innovation, DyStar continues to position itself as a leader in driving positive change within the fashion and textile manufacturing industry. As stakeholders seek ways to address sustainability concerns, the company’s groundbreaking Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing process provides hope for a greener and more sustainable future.


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