Niine launches India’s 1st PLA-based biodegradable sanitary pads

The first polylactic acid (PLA)-based biodegradable sanitary pads have been introduced in India by Niine Sanitary Napkins, a market leader in the hygiene solutions industry. These innovative sanitary pads, made of PLA obtained from renewable sources like maize starch and sugarcane, are certified by the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET) and degrade over 90% within 175 days and the remaining 10% within a year.

Niine’s commitment to sustainability is further supported by the fact that all packaging elements, including the outer cover and disposable bags, are biodegradable, the business claimed in a press release.

These pads provide optimal performance in terms of absorption, comfort, and leakage protection despite the change towards eco-friendly composition. They are also fully chemical-free and vegan-friendly, offering a secure, cosy, and environmentally responsible alternative. to standard sanitary napkins.

With an estimated 1.021 billion disposable sanitary pads thrown away each month, India is currently dealing with a massive waste disposal problem. It takes between 500 and 800 years for these primarily plastic materials to completely disintegrate. Traditional disposal techniques, including burning or flushing, provide significant environmental risks and may be harmful to sanitation workers’ health.

This urgent problem of public health and the environment led to Niine’s discovery. Their brand-new sanitary pads are built from environmentally friendly components like PLA-based polymers, bio-based resins and oils, and wood pulp. These materials have received certification from reputable organisations like CIPET and ISO and adhere to the strongest biodegradability criteria.

The improved compostability of Niine’s new pads is one of their characteristics. Even so, they disintegrate efficiently. in underground environments, without the need for specific conditions such as sunlight or air exposure.

“Five years ago, we were challenged with a crucial question: ‘Can you develop a sustainable solution?’ Today, we proudly present our resounding answer. After extensive research, development, and certifications, we launch our biodegradable sanitary napkins—a leap towards the future, embodying an evolution for a better tomorrow. Importantly, this milestone aligns with the UN’s sustainable development goals, emphasising a cleaner environment for all. As pioneers, we take pride in leading the way, championing sustainability and empowering individuals with a responsible choice,” said Amar Tulsiyan, founder, Niine Sanitary Napkins.


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