Beaulieu Technical Textiles Unveils “Recover” at GreenTech Amsterdam: A Groundbreaking Sustainable Solution for Weed Control

Beaulieu Technical Textiles, a leading manufacturer based in Comines-Warneton, Belgium, is set to introduce its revolutionary innovation, “Recover,” at the highly anticipated GreenTech Amsterdam event from June 13 to 15. Recover represents a significant leap forward in weed control solutions, offering unparalleled durability, longevity, and sustainability for indoor and outdoor nurseries.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Recover is an interwoven polypropylene (PP) groundcover that tackles the urgent need for increased strength and longevity, while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint through the integration of 30% recycled content. This sustainable approach aligns with Beaulieu Technical Textiles’ commitment to promoting circularity and reimagining product design to meet functional needs.

Maarten Balcaen, the company’s sales manager for agrotextiles, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential impact of Recover, stating, “Recover highlights the potential in rethinking products to meet functional needs and bring greater circularity to markets. We put new lab tests in place to assess the strength and durability of the material compared to current market offerings. Beaulieu’s craftsmanship in weaving technical fabrics has achieved a flagship solution backed by transparent information on performance and CO2 emissions reduction.”

What sets Recover apart is its ability to outperform traditional groundcovers, which typically have a lifespan of around ten years but face challenges such as mechanical stress, friction from vehicles, temperature fluctuations, and UV exposure. Recover’s advanced construction and materials address these issues, making it the go-to solution for nurseries seeking a more durable and resistant option.

Recover boasts superior strength and elongation properties, striking a balance that ensures optimal performance even under heavy mechanical stress and friction. The fabric’s high-quality tape and exceptional friction resistance make it an ideal choice for nurseries seeking a reliable and long-lasting solution.

In addition to its remarkable durability, Recover showcases exceptional resistance to UV light, up to 900 kLy, ensuring its longevity even when exposed for extended periods. Moreover, the fabric’s design enables it to remain stable despite temperature fluctuations. Its dense structure and black tape prevent light penetration, making it highly effective for weed control. The unique black and white design not only aids thermal balance by limiting heat absorption but also facilitates precise positioning of pots and plants in the field.

Recover’s environmental credentials are equally commendable. By incorporating 30% recycled content, it reduces the need for virgin polypropylene and promotes recycling at the end of its life cycle, contributing to waste stream management and minimizing incineration or landfill.

To confirm and validate the advantages of Recover in varying conditions, the fabric is currently undergoing a rigorous field trial with continuous monitoring. This trial will ensure that Recover meets and exceeds the expectations of users, providing them with a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for weed control.

Beaulieu Technical Textiles’ introduction of Recover at GreenTech Amsterdam signifies a significant breakthrough in the industry’s pursuit of sustainable and durable weed control solutions. With its exceptional performance, reduced environmental impact, and commitment to circularity, Recover has the potential to revolutionize weed control practices in nurseries, setting a new benchmark for quality and sustainability.

About Beaulieu Technical Textiles: Beaulieu Technical Textiles is a renowned manufacturer based in Comines-Warneton, Belgium. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, the company is dedicated to creating advanced technical fabrics for various industries, including agrotextiles. Beaulieu Technical Textiles continually pushes boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet evolving market needs while minimizing environmental impact.


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