Nonwovens’ capacity in North America reaches 5.713 million tonnes in 2023.

According to the eleventh edition of the annual North American Nonwovens Supply report, North America’s nonwoven capacity will reach 5.713 million tonnes in 2023. Based on thorough research, producer surveys, and interviews with industry executives, this report provides a complete assessment of the North American nonwoven materials supply through 2023, including key parameters such as capacity, production and operating rates, and regional trade.

North American capacity continues to grow, with investments being made in all processes and for a wide range of end users. According to the research, production output is shifting and slowing in 2023 to reflect larger machine installations that are only now coming online. Many new nonwoven manufacturing lines were established in 2023, although primarily in the long-life sectors, indicating a strong shift toward sustainable goals across the board.

“INDA delivers essential data and practical industry insights to help improve decision-making in our capital-intensive sector. This report provides the most comprehensive and accurate representation of both rolled goods and other nonwoven materials manufactured in North America. These supply and demand balance measures are critical for strategic planning and company investment decisions.”

As part of their membership, INDA members receive a complimentary executive summary of annual Supply Reports, the quarterly INDA Market Pulse, and the monthly Price Trends Summary. The data obtained for this yearly research serves as the foundation for the biennial Global Nonwoven Markets research, which will be published in October 2024.

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